Is Colonial Mentality Impeding Pakistan’s Progress Essay Outline


Is Colonial Mentality Impeding Pakistan’s Progress Essay Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Colonial history of subcontinent
  3. Colonial legacy’s impact in different sectors
    1. Sectors impact on Governance and administration
      1. Education system
      2. Civil service
      3. Legal system
  4. Colonial impacts on economic sector
    1. Better transportation via rail system
    2. Canal system
  5. Colonial impact on political sector
    1. Emergence of political parties
    2. Election system was developed (participation of common man in choosing their government by using their right to vote)
  6. Colonial impact on social sector
    1. Social enlightenment of people
  7. Colonial impact on religious life of people.
  8. Question: Is colonial legacy really an impediment to Pakistan’s progress?
  9. Answer: The answer to this question is big NO : We as a nation have our own weaknesses
  10. Prove that colonial legacy is not a hindrance in our progress
  11. Factual proofs:
    1. Evidence from political and economic fields
    2. Evidence from social and religious fields
    3. Evidence from administrative fields
  12. Rational proof:
  13. Examples of other nations
    1. India (aspiring to be an Asian tiger)
    2. China
    3. Hong Kong ( they borrowed Pakistan’s development plan)
    4. South Africa
    5. Bangladesh (and many more)
  14. What factors are actually impeding our progress?
    1. Political instability
    2. Poor economic policies
    3. Illiteracy especially lack technical training
    4. Rising population
    5. No industrial development
    6. Brain drain
    7. An overall lazy and indifferent national attitude
    8. Sectarianism and Terrorism
    9. Provincialism
    10. Absence of “Federal Political Parties”
  15. Involvement in different wars
    1. Four wars against India
    2. Involvement in Afghan war of 1980’s and we faced its impacts in many different ways including burden of Afghan Muhajirs.
    3. War against terror
  16. How Pakistan can keep pace with the development countries?
  17. Conclusion

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