How to Make Money with Blogging


How to make money with Blogging:

Every year many new people are moving to earn via internet. Blogging is lifestyle-friendly business: You can work from home at times of your convenience while focusing on the topic of your choice. Since, you are reading this article it is clear that you want to earn money via blogging, it is important to keep one in mind: Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance as earning reasonable amount may take 12-18 months. There are many articles available online which offer tips and techniques becoming an overnight successful blogger. Beware of those, as they are scams. If you have gathered requisite determination to be a successful blogger, scroll down to look at some of the amazing ways of earning money with blogging.

Affiliate marketing:

When asked about any method of earning with a blog, most people equate online earning with advertisement. Though advertisement is one of the widely opted way of monetizing blog, however, besides advertisement there are other methods too from which reasonable earning can be made and affiliate marketing is surely at the top of tree of earning online.

When you recommend a special product or service to your audience through special links, it is called as affiliate marketing. There are affiliate programs for almost every niche. Many international as well as local brands offer commission on sale if the purchaser goes to their website from the link on your website and purchase any item. You can add link of items on your blog and also write posts recommending your readers to buy particular thing. Amazon runs one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. Besides, Amazon you can also consider, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Walmart and for your affiliate marketing program.


Displaying ads on your blog is the most popular way of earning with blogging. You can monetize your blog by displaying ads on it. There are many networks available to choose from. However, Google Adsense program stands out from the rest as it pays the most. You may want to check out other possible alternatives to Google adsense as obtaining a verified adsense account is a difficult process especially for new bloggers.

Sell Ad-Space directly:

If your blog has a decent traffic – say more than 50000/- page views per month, then directly selling ad-space would be more lucrative. You may charge fix term or on the basis of active ad-views. It is, however, recommended to charge a fix amount for a given ad-space as it saves you from many technical issues.

Write Sponsored posts:

Ads everywhere are annoying many readers who are using more and more of ad-blocker to block ads on websites. If you do not want to display ads on your blog, the best alternative is to write sponsored posts for companies and brands. If you have a decent traffic on your website, prepare a one page media-kit and represent it to your potential sponsors to strike a deal. Once obtained a sponsorship, you can write a sponsorship posts promoting their products or services in exchange for fixed remuneration.

Sell E-Books:

You can also sell E-books on website provided you have written them. If you are blogging for a while you may collect some of your posts and shape them into an E-Book. Don’t forget to design your e-book before selling it.

Sell Online Courses:

Similarly, you can sell online courses on your blog. Courses are sell at a higher price than e-books and if you have expertise on any particular subject, developing courses should be given due consideration.

Offer Freelance Services:

If you are an expert of your niche, you can earn decent amount by offering your services as a freelancer. Your perfectly designed blog with rich content is a best tool that establishes your credentials as a freelancer expert.

Build an Online Store:

The last but not the least recommended method is to develop your own e-store, if you have any product of your own to sale. Running an e-store would be requiring lot of hard work as you first have to create/buy a product and then ship it. But selling a physical product is more rewarding than any of the method discussed above.

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