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A suspicious parent makes an artful child


A suspicious parent makes an artful child

The proposition describes the basic parental psyche. Parents want from their child an strict following of their instructions and guidance. This makes a few parents to view the activities of their child with suspicion. Consequently, the children respond to allay the suspicion of their parents and in the process learn skills to become an artful person.

In social set-up roles and responsibilities of parents and children are clearly defined. Parents are responsible for the rearing of children. God has put special love in the heart of parents for their children. Therefore, it is a universal desire of parents to see their children grow up as a perfect human being. But some parents are highly obsessed with the idea of guiding their child on each and every step of life. So they keenly observe their child’s activities and any initiative of his is looked with doubt. On the other hand, it is in the nature of a child to do all sorts of things, especially those which his parent has forbidden. But at the same time, he is conscious not to annoy his parents and invite their wrath. Thus, he attempts to cover up his activities. He understands that if his parent get to know about his unauthorized behaviour he may land into trouble. Hence he skirt around them skillfully. These activities of childhood, not only polishes the skills of a child, but also give him confidence which lasts throughout his life.

To put it in a nutshell, it can be said that the parents play an important role in the socialization of a child, but their suspicion makes him artful.

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