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Basic Problems of Human Life and Their Solutions




Life means activity and activity brings certain problems. The manner in which these problems are faced and the efficiency and common sense which are shown in devising solution of these problems forms the measure of a successful life.

Human Problems:

Human problems fall under two categories; immediate problems and ultimate problems.

Immediate Problems:

Immediate problems include:

  • Personal needs of individuals.
  • Production, consumption and distribution of wealth.
  • Administration of the state
  • Relation between different nations of the world.

Ultimate problems:

Ultimate problems include questions regarding man himself, this world and about God.

  1. Man:
  • “Who am I?“
  • “What is the nature and purpose of my life?”
  • “How to achieve that aim or purpose?”
  1. The universe/world:
  • “What is the nature of this world?”
  • “How and when did it come into being”
  • “What is the end and final goal towards which it is moving?”
  • God:

“Who created this universe?”

“Who is running its affairs”

“Did the world come into being by itself or by some force?”

“What is that force?”

“Is it an impersonal force or is it a person?”

“Is he mortal or eternal?”

Explanation of Questions And solving The problems:

There are three claimants in the field of guidance of human. Each of them claims that it can guide humanity in the ultimate problems of life. These are Science, Philosophy and Religion.


Science depends on physical observation and experimentation. It is influenced by human capabilities and intellect which obviously differs for each human being. Science examines the component parts of physical matter only.

Science may have satisfied the exterior of man but it could not satisfy the innerself. It has created convenience for the man in his physical environment but fails to satisfy its intellectual self.


Some thinkers believe that human reasoning is capable of giving all the guidance that man needs in this life. Philosophy is the academic discipline concerned with explaining the nature and significance of ordinary and scientific beliefs, and instigating concepts by rational argument. It is maintains that there is no problem that a human brain cannot solve through its sophisticated thinking and training. Thus, it is superior to both science and religion and can replace both.


Theologists are of the view that man is too complicated for another to understand and discourse. It is only the creator of man who knows him:

“Should he not know, he that created? And he is the one that understands the finest mysteries (and) is well acquainted (with them). (67:14).”


Both science and philosophy are useful sources of knowledge in their respective spheres of activity and serve useful purposes in their own fields. In fact, the religion of Islam invites and encourages the scientific study of nature and its elements.

            “Behold: In the creations of the heavens and the earths, and the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding”.


There is no doubt science has its own uses and advantages. It equips man with weapons with which to conquer some forces of nature, but gives him nothing to conquer his own desires, worries, fears, and confusions, social and internal conflicts. If science does not know man, it is not expected to give him the right guidance and answers.


Man is not any luckier with philosophy. Although philosophy is philosophy with man, it does not have clear answers to questions such as, “is man soul or matter, or mortal body or immortal soul, reason or desire, good or bad, selfish or selfless, able to progress or not and finally is the choice or pre-determination.”

Philosophy entirely depends upon reasoning which is not dependable in most cases. It gives a view and its counter view, that is, and idea and it’s opposite, making man more confused and lost.

It is religion that combines the dictates of reason, observation with Divine revelation. Religion is a creative, effective and motivating power. It addresses the whole being of man unlike the other two disciplines that address few aspects of human life. It answers basic questions about human existence, the Universe and the god. It gives a clear concept of God, His existence and attributes. It answers the questions about creation of universe, its sustenance and the purpose of human life.


Islam is a true and divine religion. It tells us what truth is, what duty is and satisfies the human mind and soul by providing guidance on every matter of its life. It combines the dictates of reason with the commandment of Divine Revelation and invites people to ponder, and to consider and make the best use of their intellect and wisdom in the following words:

            “He grantheth wisdom to whom He pleaseth: And he to whom wisdom is granted received indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the message but men of Understanding.”



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