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Beggars Cannot be Choosers



           The maxim describes the vital philosophy of  life, that one who begs cannot be a chooser. The beggar has to accept what is given to him by the donor. So in this way the option of choice only lies with the donor and not with the recipient. For being a chooser, one has to rely on the strength of one’s own shoulders.

The beggar is a person who lives upon the alms of others. He cannot be selective. He has to remain contented with what is bestowed upon him by the donor. In this way begging undermines beggar’s self-respect, which is a great loss, as a person without self-esteem is no better than an animal. What holds true for an individual also holds true for a nation. Any country that is dependent upon foreign aid, cannot have any independent policy. It cannot be choosy; it has to abide by the policies of the donors. Its own policies are modified to serve the interest of the donor agencies or countries. As developing countries are dependent upon IMF and other donor agencies that’s why they follow the policies of such institution, in spite of fact that it runs contrary to popular public opinion and aspiration.

Our reliance to foreign aid began soon after the inception of our state. It was understandable that a nascent country with hostile borders needed some foreign assistance. But now the need of hour is to realize the gravity of situation and to mobilise our own resources. It is high time to break the bowl of beggary and give the nation new lesson of self-reliance. Only then, our nation can redeem its lost image and acquire its self-respect back.

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