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Leadership Crisis in Pakistan Essay Outline

LEADERSHIP CRISIS IN PAKISTAN Outline: Introduction: Problems by Pakistan due to leadership crisis: Poor relationship with the foreign countries. Poor foreign policy Poor infrastructure Weak judicial system due to political interference Energy crisis Economic crisis Water crisis Terrorism extremism and sectarianism Poor civil military relationships Protests and sit-ins are occurring frequently due to non-seriousness of […]

Women Empowerment in Pakistan Essay Outline

Women Empowerment in Pakistan: Thesis Statement: Women empowerment is necessary for the progress of any society and Pakistan is no exception. The hurdles in the way of women empowerment in Pakistan include illiteracy, economic depravity, feudalism and misinterpretation of religion. These obstacles must be overcome for the socio-economic uplift of the country and promotion of […]

Can Women be Equal to Men in Pakisan Essay Outline

CAN WOMEN BE EQUAL TO MEN IN PAKISTAN: Outline: Thesis Statement: Presently women in Pakistan are at disadvantageous position as compared to men, but an equal status for women can be achieved it a concerted effort is made at the societal and national level. Factors downgrading the Status Of Women: Patriarchal orientation of society. Culture […]

Is Colonial Mentality Impeding Pakistan’s Progress Essay Outline

Is Colonial Mentality Impeding Pakistan’s Progress Essay Outline Introduction Colonial history of subcontinent Colonial legacy’s impact in different sectors Sectors impact on Governance and administration Education system Civil service Legal system Colonial impacts on economic sector Better transportation via rail system Canal system Colonial impact on political sector Emergence of political parties Election system was […]

Disaster Management in Pakistan Essay Outline

Disaster Management in Pakistan: Introduction What is disaster? Types of disaster Natural disaster Global warming Climate change Accident Man-made disaster Industrial accidents Collapse of buildings What is disaster management? Pakistan is one of the most disaster prone country in the world Thesis statement leading to control disaster Phases of Disaster Management Prevention Preparedness Mitigation Response […]

Brain Drain: Causes, Consequences and Recommendations Essay outline

BRAIN DRAIN: CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES Outline: Introduction: Causes of brain Drain: Push Factors: Low wages Discrimination in recruitments and promotions Social unrest Political instability Conflicts and wars Lack of research facilities including support staff; meagerness of research funds; lack of professional apparatus and tools Lack of freedom and autonomy Deteriorating standard of educational system Pull […]

United Nations Failures and Successes Essay Outline

FAILURE AND SUCCESS OF UNO Introduction United Nation an international organization. United Nation; founded to replace to League of Nations. Threats to world peace are as before. Thesis statement leading to conclusion Preamble to the United Nations Charter Maintain international peace. Social and economic development. Human rights and humanitarian assistance Aim and purpose of charter: […]

Global Warming Outline

GLOBAL WARMING: Introduction:                 35% rise in Green House Gases since 1975 Global Warming: Earth cooled and warmed many times. Greenhouse effect has increased the average temperature of the earth. Over the past 100 year average 0.7% Celsius temp has increased. Scientist link this to various changes, but manmade activities are primarily responsible for global […]

Culture of Corruption in Pakistan Essay Outline

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION Introduction Background Present Scenario The transparency International Report Factors Responsible Lack of Accountability. Weak democracy. Bad governance. Weak institutions executive influencing judiciary. Foreign and domestic loans and corruption. Low salaries. Rigging in elections. Controlled and biased media. Low level of openness in economy. Weak role of religious leaders. Mr. Rich syndrome. Effects […]

Moral Depravity Is A Root Cause Of Poverty Essay Outline

Moral Depravity Is A Root Cause Of Poverty Introduction                 Moral degeneration is a root cause of poverty. Since lethargic mood, narrow mindedness and weak character lead to incompetency and poverty. How does moral depravity cause poverty? Degeneration of self-respect Irresponsible behavior Social injustice Corruption Pessimistic mood Smuggling Ignorance of masses Business ignorance Social ignorance […]