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All about Pakistan Affairs, Pre and Post Partition.

Circumstances which led to the creation of Bangladesh

Introduction: Though the creation of Bangladesh was the direct result of the revolt of Bengalis in East Pakistan and intervention of Indian military forces in matter, conspiracies for the separation of eastern wing were afoot since the very day Pakistan was created. The Hindus did not tolerate the creation of Pakistan. They did not like […]

The Mughal Empire: Administration, Social, Economic and Religious Conditions

Salient Features of the Mughal Empire: Administration: It was a semi Arabic system in Indian setting. Military type of government. Despotic form of government, but enlightened as power was not misused. The state however, was not much concerned with social welfare and Reforms. Law and justice for not modern, officer was quite corrupt. Except for […]

Advent of Islam in the Subcontinent

Advent of Islam in the Subcontinent: Arab traders had been coming to India before Islam was founded. Muslim had their relations with South India (Malabar Coast in particular) before they came to North India. Muhammad Bin Qasim: He was the first Arab commander to conquer a portion of India i.e. Sindh. In 712 A.D Mahmood […]

Historical Perspective of the Ideology of Pakistan

Historical Perspective of Ideology of Pakistan: The advent of Islam in the sub-continent: Arab traders under second caliph Umar came to Indian soil for trade but also preached teaching of Islam and impressed the local people.      “The Pakistan came into existence the day the first Indian national embraced Islam”. Quaid-e-Azam Sindh-The Bab-ul-Islam:-(712 A.D) Raja […]

Salient Features of Government of India Act 1935

THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ACT 1935: The Government of India Act 1935 was the largest bill passed by the British Parliament. This Act had the following salient features. Establishment of an all India Federation. Establishment of a semi-responsible government at center. Provincial autonomy. Special power of the Governors and Governor General. Establishment of the Federal […]

Role of Quaid-e-Azam in Consolidation of Pakistan

Introduction: Pakistan came into existence after a long and intense freedom struggle and had to face many problems soon after its birth. Quaid-e-Azam worked very hard to consolidate the country and put the government on sound settings. His main contributions are as follow: Formation of the Central Government: Formation of the central government of Pakistan […]

Causes of Delay in Constitution Making of Pakistan

CAUSES OF DELAY IN CONSTITUTION MAKING OF PAKISTAN: OUTLINE: INTRODUCTION: What is a Constitution? Why is it needed? COMPLEXITIES IN CONSTITUTION MAKING OF PAKISTAN i). Federalism. ii). Representation. BPC report 1. BPC report 2. Bogra formula. iii). Separate or joint Electorate. iv). National language issue. v). Presidential Vs. Parliamentary  system. vi). Islamic or Secular State. […]

Describe the Salient Features of Objectives Resolution of 1949

Objectives Resolution: The first major step towards constitutional making in Pakistan was the passing of “Objectives Resolution” by the first Constituent Assembly 12th March 1949. Objectives Resolution was presented by the then Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan on 7th March 1949. It main purpose was to identify the aims and objectives of the future constitution […]

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the Two-Nation Theory

Sir Syed and Two Nation Theory: Two Nation Theory played a pivotal role in the creation of Pakistan. Two nation theory means that Muslims and Hindus were two separate nations in the subcontinent. Hindus and Muslims had their distinct religions, culture, civilisation, literature, history and special values. Many prominent leaders of sub-continent used the word […]

Factors Leading To The Creation Of Pakistan

Factors Leading To The Creation Of Pakistan: There were numerous factors that led to the creation of Pakistan. Some of these are discussed below. Religious Causes In the subcontinent, the Hindus and the Muslims had been living together for many centuries, peacefully, but after 1857 the Muslims were treated very badly by the Hindus and […]