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Parliamentary Committees of the House of Commons

Parliamentary Committees of the House of Commons: There are the following eight committees in the House of Commons:– The Committee of Supply. The Committee of Ways and Means. Both the above Committees are composed of the same members but their functions are different. The first deals with appropriation of funds, the second deals with revenues. […]

Conventions to the British Constitution

Conventions to the British Constitution: The important conventions which have grown up in England may be classified in three categories: (A) Conventions relating to Cabinet: The first group of conventions relates to the Cabinet system. The constitutional history of England points out to the decline of the powers of the  King and the consequent  growth […]

Treatment of Prisoners of War

Prisoners of War: Prisoner of war is a status which is given to a person captured by belligerent state during the war or in an armed conflict. All the persons captured by the belligerent do not acquire this status. Geneva Convention   relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War lays down under Article 4 […]

The Social Construction of Crime

What is Crime? The word crime is used consistently in everyday conversation. The manner and extent to which it is used implies that there is sufficient level of common understanding about it. To some extent, this is indeed the case. However, this masks a number of complexities. Identifying the boundary between acts that are crimes, […]

Crime and the Internet- Cybercrime

Introduction: The arrival of internet greeted with concern by many criminologists, if not outright moral panic. Its power and reach has the potential to take the world by storm. The #me too movement is glaring example of the power of internet to create global movements with unprecedented consequences. History of Internet: Early experiments with a […]