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The Social Construction of Crime

What is Crime? The word crime is used consistently in everyday conversation. The manner and extent to which it is used implies that there is sufficient level of common understanding about it. To some extent, this is indeed the case. However, this masks a number of complexities. Identifying the boundary between acts that are crimes, […]

Crime and the Internet- Cybercrime

Introduction: The arrival of internet greeted with concern by many criminologists, if not outright moral panic. Its power and reach has the potential to take the world by storm. The #me too movement is glaring example of the power of internet to create global movements with unprecedented consequences. History of Internet: Early experiments with a […]

Psychoanalytic theory of Criminal Behaviour

Psychoanalysis and Crime: As Valier (1998) notes, Psychoanalysis has had moderately little to say unswervingly about crime. All things considered, psychiatric and psychoanalytic thoughts have been vital in the historical backdrop of criminology. For sure, such thoughts were dominant within work on crime in a great part of the first half of the twentieth century. […]

Gender and Crime

Gender and Crime: The study of the nature and extent of crime to a great extent has been the study of the nature and extent of male crime. The findings of generally male-based investigations have been utilized to make policies, programs, interventions and punishments that would be applied to all criminals. These male-based approaches have […]

Deviance and Crime

Deviance: Deviance refers to behaviors and conditions that violate our expectations about “normal people”. Unemployment, drug addiction, physical handicaps, shortness, obesity, divorce, nudists, smokers, alternative sexual lifestyle. Conceptions of deviance: Statistical—deviation from average Absolutists—violates values, morality Reactivist—behavior that gets noticed Normative—violation of norms Deviance and Crime: Deviance is socially defined One particular category of deviance […]