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Gender Studies

Gender and Crime

Gender and Crime: The study of the nature and extent of crime to a great extent has been the study of the nature and extent of male crime. The findings of generally male-based investigations have been utilized to make policies, programs, interventions and punishments that would be applied to all criminals. These male-based approaches have […]

The Social Construction of Gender

The Social Construction of Gender: Humans are born with biological sex, but we learn to be men and women. Right from birth we start to learn culture, including how to walk, talk, eat, dress, think, practice religion, react to aggression, and express our feelings like a man or a lady (Mauss 1979). We realize what […]

Difference Between Sex and Gender

Difference Between Sex and Gender: The English term ‘‘gender’’ alludes to linguistic category of masculine and feminine. Gender is a ‘‘social construct’’ indicating the ways in which men and women are taught values and behaviors appropriate to gender roles and social expectations. Practicing sophrosune, for example, is self-control for men but discretion and even silence […]