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Characteristics of Islamic Society


Characteristics of Islamic Society:

The Islamic Society is based on the teachings and principles of Islam. The Muslims of the whole world are members of one society which is called the “Millat”or the “Muslim Ummah”. Following are the chief characteristics of Islamic society.


The concept of Tauheed, or oneness of God is the basis and one of the pillars of Islam. Only Allah is to be worshipped and He alone is the creator of all men. Therefore, Islam does not believe in any distinction between man on the basis of colour, caste or creed. All men are equal and are directly responsible to God.

Sovereignty of Allah:

Sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Allah and people of Islamic society exercise the power as a sacred trust. The people who are elected to exercise sovereignty authority are responsible for the introduction and practice of Islamic values in the society.

Equality and Justice:

Islam believes in the equality of man and the establishment of an egalitarian society is the objective of Islam. Islamic society is a fair and just society where all men have equal rights. The lives of the Holy Prophet PBUH and the pious Caliphs are exalted examples of equality and justice.


In Islam the head of state or the Khalifa acts as the vicegerent of God on earth. He runs the administration in accordance with the principles laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah.


Islamic society is based on the principles of democracy which gives equal rights to all citizens of the country. Muslims and non-Muslims have equal rights. Judiciary is independent and is expected to give justice without any fear.

Economic System:

Economic system of Islam is based on equitable distribution of wealth. Everyone is free to earn his livelihood in a lawful manner. Illegal profiteering is prohibited in Islam. Through the compulsory contribution of zakat and voluntary charity and donations, the needs of the poor people are looked after and accumulation of wealth is checked. Interest or usury is prohibited in Islam because it leads to accumulation of wealth and exploitation.

Status of Woman:

Islam gives equal rights to woman. They enjoy great respect and protection in Islamic society. Women can own property and can earn their living if they like. As mother she is highly venerated and same is for daughters. As wife he enjoys the role of a partner and companion, not just as serf or slave. It is the duty of the husband to provide adequate maintenance to his wife. Women have also given rights in the inheritance.

Status of Minorities:

Minorities enjoy freedom in the Islamic Society. They are free to practice their own religion. Islam clearly prohibits compulsion in the matters of religion.

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