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Circumstances which led to the creation of Bangladesh



Though the creation of Bangladesh was the direct result of the revolt of Bengalis in East Pakistan and intervention of Indian military forces in matter, conspiracies for the separation of eastern wing were afoot since the very day Pakistan was created.

The Hindus did not tolerate the creation of Pakistan. They did not like the establishment of homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. They wished that Pakistan should come to an end and again be united with India. All the hurdles and difficulties created by the Hindus in the administrative problems having failed miserably, they turn their attention towards disruption in East Pakistan, which was no doubt a weak spot in Pakistan.

Role of Hindus:

East Pakistan had a population of nearly one and half crores Hindus who were businessman, teachers, landlords, and government servant. Most of them had shifted their families to Calcutta and places in East Bengal. These Hindus work continuously to create mistrust and hatred towards West Pakistan. Hindu teachers created the spirit of the revolt for Pakistan among the new generation of Muslims. So in coming years, Muslim young man did not have any love for Pakistan, instead, they always associated themselves with the enemies of Pakistan. Most of the government servant who were transferred to East Pakistan from west Pakistan but generally unsympathetic towards East Pakistanis and their problems. They behaved like alien rulers and so by their behaviour sowed the seeds of contempt and hatred in the minds of the teeming millions. This helped in the creation of well organised parties who chalked out programs for separation from Pakistan.

India was not only a silent spectator to all these happenings, but he actively supported the disruptionists and look for an opportunity when it could step in the internal affairs of East Pakistan. The opportunity came in 1971 after the general elections were held in Pakistan and sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s party was elected in East Pakistan.

Role of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had sowed and cultivated the seed of rebellion against Pakistan among the minds of the youth of East Pakistan. He won the elections on the basis of his 6 points which advocated complete autonomy for East Pakistan with its own army, currency and trade pacts with other countries. This position was not acceptable to Pakistan especially to Mr zulfikar Ali Bhutto who stood for solidarity of Pakistan. The trust session of National Assembly could not be held since it was feared that sheikh Mujibur Rahman could become leader of the house and he could be in a position to harm the national unity and solidarity. All efforts of bringing about a peaceful settlement failed and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called his people to strike and capture government by force. Thus, an armed conflict became inevitable.

Indian Intervention and surrender of Armed Forces

 India has its own plans prepared.  It blocked the air route from west Pakistan to East Pakistan and also put obstacles in the way of free sea movements. Then it raised hue and cry for the Migration of East Pakistan Hindus to India, and made it a problem for its friendly countries in the garb of accommodating and feeding several millions of East Pakistan refugees.  Then she made a leap in the internal affairs of East Pakistan against all canons of international law and Justice.  A superpower supported India and another superpower which posed to be as friend of Pakistan stabbed it in its back and did not come to its help. Thus, gallant Pakistani forces, was surrounded by enemies from all sides and with no fresh supplies of man, arms and ammunition fought bravely and defeated the forces of enemies of Pakistan at many fronts. But then a debacle happened. The Pakistani forces collapsed and surrendered under orders from above. It was a very humiliating defeat at the hands of India and a great critical juncture in our national history. Seldom had a nation force a crisis of this type that Pakistan faced on December 21 1971. More than 90000 of our brilliant soldiers were held captives in India. Also India occupied 5000 miles of our land in Pakistan and there was more than 12 lac shelter-less people in our refugee camps who had lost their homes and hearts. The was the position when Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto leader of Pakistan Peoples party had won the elections took over the reins of government in Pakistan.


The history of the separation of East Pakistan is yet to be written in true perspective.  the hands that worked secretly for this great tragedy are still to be an unearth,  and the people who were the cause of surrender and humiliation of our gallant forces are yet to be unveiled.  History may uncover the secrets of all true facts, but the nation can never forget the unthinkable humiliation it has met.I

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