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A Civil Servant is a Public Servant



             A Civil servant is deemed to be a public servant but practically he is not. As soon as he becomes one, he wears the ruling cloak and considers himself a public master rather than a public servant. It is expected of civil servant to work for the well-being of people without fear or favour or any extraneous consideration. Unfortunately, in our country, a public servant considers oneself above public duties and responsibilities, and spent his time enjoying the perks and privileges of the seat.

Civil service is the engine of a state. It is one of the most important and integral part of the system of governance. Without it the government as well as state cannot perform efficiently. In fact, the system would collapse. Therefore, it is truly regarded as the heart and brain of the system. But when the same heart is infected with corruption, nepotism and incompetency, the whole body is affected. When this brain of the system does not perform, the system comes to a stand till. The same has happened in Pakistan, like many other developing countries. The organization which was to run the county has run over it. The institution which is regarded as the backbone of the country has stabbed it in the back. The civil officers have not performed the way they should have. Corruption and putting self-interests ahead of national interests are the main causes of such degradation. Sheer aloofness from public apathy and poor performance on behalf of civil servants has doomed the prosperity and even staked the very existence of the country. The civil servant become civil master. The senses of responsibility and service has been replaced with favouritisim and corruption. Independence of the organization has been surrendered to the corrupt and incompetent political as well as undemocratic masters. A Zero sum of effort has been put to ameliorate such despicable degradation of the service. The respect it enjoyed once has gone.

In nutshell a civil servant is no more a public servant in Pakistan. There is no double that a small bunch of sincere and honest officers still work in civil service, but the institution as a whole is on continuous degradation.

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