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Civilized Dissent is Necessary for Social Progress


Civilized Dissent is Necessary for Social Progress

Man is a social animal. He lives in a society. Not all the persons living in a society can have similar opinions about certain facts. In fact, neither is it possible nor is it desirable to have uniform views on issues. Invariably, there shall be difference of opinion between people. This difference of opinion may lead to conflict. But if expressed through civilized dissent, it may act as a catalyst for social progress.

The problems of extremism and fundamentalism menacing our society are due to society’s inability to have a civilized dissent. There is a tendency among dominant classes of our society to forcefully suppress the diverging voice. To neutralize these problems, we must affirm the basic fundamental right of every citizen to express his opinion freely. One may not agree with the opinion of others, but one should recognize other’s individuality and respect his opinion. Unless we do this, we will not be able to tread on the path of social progress.

Similarly, at international level, the world has become a global village. Every state is the member of international society. The interests of states are both converging and diverging with each other. States must cooperate on issues of mutual interest and refrain from aggression on conflicting issues. Wars and aggression are not the solutions of any problem. They only worsen the matter. The solution lies in civilized dissent. Though United Nations was established to facilitate civilized dissent among nation states through negotiations and dialogue, but it has not been able to achieve absolute success. It is important to “reinvigorate” United Nations so that it can play an effective role in the social progress of the world by promoting civilized dissent.

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