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CSS 2018: Complete Solved English Precis and Composition Paper


CSS 2018: Complete Solved English Precis and Composition Paper


Title: Effects of weather change on human life

Results of winter are obvious in Northern Europe, where it helps in bracing vitality. Massive hurdles overpower man’s stamina to work. Absence of any hurdle makes life ease loving, whereas small problems encourage man to work hard. Weather effects similarly on human life, harsh winters suppress human vigour, hot weather minimizes the persuasion to work, but a mild cold restores human energy. In average cold zone the residents are involved in laborious tasks with no desperate and helpless feelings. They have to arrange warm houses and clothes, fuel for fires. In open air they walk briskly to keep their body warm, and all the above activities require hearty meals. Whereas life at the equatorial region and around requires only few clothes, whole day can be spent under a shady tree with easily arranged small portion of food. In the same way, life patterns change in accordance with seasonal changes. In summer the life is lethargic while in winters it is more active and energetic.

Words: 164


  1. Machines have become our masters because it is the man who has to take of machines. He charges them, maintains their temperature and gives them rest. Still if there is unfavourable temperature, low charging or machine parts are not properly lubricated, then machine stops working and man has to wait for them. In such manner, machines are regarded as stern masters of mankind.
  2. There is no doubt in saying that machines have reduced much labour, time and energy but this leisure time is again invested in inventing new machines. So rather than becoming blessings machines are bane because they consume time of man, which should have been spent on nature.
  3. According to author civilization means shaping and connecting refined phenomenon in civilized living, there is freedom of thinking, living and equal access to justice. Yes, I agree with the author in a civilized society there are equality, freedom and protection of fundamental rights.
  4. The author meant by “making more beautiful thing” as having equal access to opportunities, exploring the universe, eradicating poverty and removing causes of disputes between people. i. Poverty Eradication, ii. Universal Education, iii. Equitable resource distribution.
  5. To prevent poverty from world, following strategies can be implemented:
  • Universal quality education
  • Vocational Training
  • Controlling population
  • Women empowerment
  • Progressive Taxation on balance income inequality.

Question No: 4(a) Corrections:

  1. They work only when they have no money.
  2. I can buy by no means allow you to do so.
  3. Going up the hill, we saw an old temple.
  4. I was impressed rather by the manner of the orator than by his matter.
  5. What an awesome weather.

Question No: 4(b) Punctuation:

  1. There is slavery that no legislation can remove; the legislation of caste.
  2. All that I’m, all that I hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.
  3. “Take away that bauble,” said Cromwell pointing to the mace which lay upon the table.
  4. There is only one cure for the evil which newly acquired freedom produces, and that cure is freedom.
  5. History, it has been said, is the essence of innumerable biographies.

Question No: 5 Fill in the Blanks

  1. Besides a Ford he has a Fiat car.
  2. I saw him felling a big tree with a hatchet.
  3. I must start by dawn to reach the station in time.
  4. I have known him for a long time.
  5. Will you walk into my parlour?
  6. The public are cautioned of pickpockets.

Question No: 6(a) Pair of Words:

  • Callous: Cruel, insensitive, harsh

Callous comments of Donald Trump on Palestine disappointed the Muslims around the world.

  • Callus: Coarse, hardened, roughen

His blisters had long since burst and formed calluses.

  • Born: Birth

Quaid-e-Azam was born on 25th December 1877.

  • Borne: Bear

All the expenses incurred on the meeting were borne by John.

  • Faint: Dim, Dull, Weak

Colour of his dress fainted due to constant exposure to sunlight.

He fainted due to excessive bleeding.

  • Feint: Dodge, bluff, deceit, trick

A brief feint at the opponent’s face.

  • Lose: Be deprived of, Be defeated, Fail

If you do not practice hard, you may lose the match.

  • Loose: Not tight, unconstrained

Loose shirts are in fashion nowadays.

  • Waiver: Surrender, relinquish, give up any right.

He waived his right to have a state attorney.

  • Waver: Flicker, Tremble, Blink

Her study gaze did not waver.

  • Resister: One who resists/opposes

Her father is a supporter not a resister.

  • Resistor:

Usually this circuit consist of only resistors and capacitors.

What is the best type of resistor used in electronic devices?

Question No: 6(b) Idioms:

  • Show and Tell: Public display or demonstration

Hashim took his newly finished project in class to show and tell.

  • Helter-Skelter:In disorderly haste or confusion,

The meeting was ended helter-skelter due to hailstorm.

  • To the Death: Till Death; Until Death

They vowed to be together till death.

  • It’s about time:

It’s about time she got admission in University.

  • Het Up: very angry or upset

His father is all het up about something.

Question  No. 7: Translation:

Lahore is not only a historic political city but also an ancient cultural hub. The Mughal culture rose to its zenith in this city. Alike it was heart of Sikh culture. The culture of learning and literature came to the share of this city. It was also a centre of mystic people. Author of famous mystic book “Kashaf-al-Mahjoob” Hazrat Ali Hajvery alias Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh is also buried here. During British rule the fashion of Lahore was implemented in the entire Hindustan. The importance of this city has not lessened ever after the establishment of Pakistan.

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