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CSS English Precis & Composition Solved Paper 1996


Precis of the Passage

Human Evolution and Economic Consideration

Scientists and Psychologists have adopted Darwin’s work on evolution as authoritative. While Darwin has adopted physical strength as a touchstone of fittest, Psychologists considered mental elements. No attempt was made to combine both approaches. This led to creation of civilization modeled on economic ideals that converted into economic being.The modern man developed two cruel philosophies of Capitalism and Socialism. These two philosophies together restricted the evolution of man as a cultural being and stripped him from kind human feelings. Scientists are enslaving natural forces for their countries to be used against other countries. The slavish scientist is leading man to devastation at the hands of his own products. This raised questions concerning role of different players that are guiding human history. The relationship between universe, life and man has not been studied collectively.

133/371 Words

Comprehension Question

  • Why is Japan under heavy criticism?

Japan is under heavy criticism from the environmentalists due to its huge share in pollution in south East Asia region. It has shifted its dangerous processes out of country because it is unable to bear further heap of environmental filth (discharge) in its own country.

  • What did the court decreed in Malaysia? And why?

The court decreed to stop working of Malaysia subsidiary of Mitsubishi kasei corp because of the protests of the residents. They blamed that the plants discard radioactive thorium which is responsible for abnormally high rate of leukemia in the region.

  • How does a local certain industry cause cancer to local residents?

A certain industry causes cancer to the local residents, and especially to its works because of the discharge of toxic catastrophes that are reproached to cause cancer and other severe health disorders.

  • What could be the role of international markets in controlling pollution?

International markets can play role in controlling pollution by introducing environment friendly good in the market. Also the markets can fix the standard or level of discharging pollutants by all trading companies.

  • What is a pollution.

Pollution is introduction of harmful objects in the environment.

  • What does the research by Nancy Birdsall and David Wheeler says?

Research by Nancy Birdsall and David Wheeler of world Bank reveals that rapidly growing dirty industry in Latin American Countries is unwilling to allow foreign investment.

  • What does the other study by World Bank reveal?

The other study by World Bank reveals that the countries which are open to foreign investment are rapidly growing and are getting equipped with environment friendly technology speedily than those who are closed to foreign investment.

  • Who is a green consumer?

One who demands pure and fresh things.

  • What are Capital intensive and pollution intensive?

Capital intensive means being concerned with profit earning.

Pollution intensive means spreading pollution.


  1. When public transport is better developed, there will no longer be so many cars driving people to work.

When public transport is better developed, there will no longer be so many people driving cars to work.

  1. The subject of my paper is about air pollution.

The subject of my paper is air pollution.

  1. The princess’s father was a good man and who was kind.

The princess’s father was a good and kind man.

  1. A morality play is where the characters represent virtue and vices.

A morality play is one where the characters represent virtue and vice.

  1. A square is when all four sides are of the same length.

A square is formed when all four sides are of same length.

  1. Evil and suffering has always troubled man.

Evil and suffering have always troubled man.

  1. Neither her cousins nor her aunt were at home.

Neither her cousins nor her aunt was at home.

  1. Neither Tariq nor Khalid are worthy of her.

Neither Tariq nor Khalid is worthy of her.

  1. The first fleet of cars were made of copper.

The first fleet of cars was made with copper.

  1. To be honest lies must never be told.

To be honest, lies must never be told.


Bear Out

The official press release bears out the rumor that city’s mega developmental project has been cancelled.

Back Out

Aslam backed out from his promise to help me at the very moment of need.

Carry Over

Owing to paucity of funds, the development project was carried over to the next fiscal year.

Fall Back

He had to fall back on his savings when his business declined.

Come Off

This paint will come off soon.

Figure Out

Akbar has not yet figured out the reasons leading to his dismissal from the service.

Set In

The monsoon season has set in.

Iron Out

The new education policy will iron out the problems being faced by the public schools.

Cover Up

The thief tried to cover up the clues pointing towards him, but the police managed to catch him.



Aslam is altogether different from his parents


Let us go home, altogether.


The new monetary policy is ambiguous. It does not clearly specify the objectives and targets that the government wishes to achieve.


Man has ambivalent attitude towards insects; he loves them but also wants to kill them.


The minister apprised the parliament of the steps taken by the government to cut power shortage.


The appraisal of damage caused by flood reveals huge loss of both life and property.


Aslam is a bad boy.


Ali was badly beaten by police.


One cannot compare good with evil.


Colour contrast of your dress is pretty good.


What I deduced from your talk is that you have no interest in field jobs.


Pakistani currency is declining fast. This implies that we need more amount to import certain things now than we previously did.


During the meeting, Ali differed with the chairman on many issues.


These things differ from those things.


The new book shop is even farther away than the old book shop.


Please confirm whether you are coming to the wedding? Further, confirm whether your family will be accompanying you?

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