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Culture of Corruption in Pakistan Essay Outline



  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Present Scenario
  • The transparency International Report
  • Factors Responsible
    • Lack of Accountability.
    • Weak democracy.
    • Bad governance.
    • Weak institutions executive influencing judiciary.
    • Foreign and domestic loans and corruption.
    • Low salaries.
    • Rigging in elections.
    • Controlled and biased media.
    • Low level of openness in economy.
    • Weak role of religious leaders.
    • Mr. Rich syndrome.


  • No merit
  • No Social justice
  • Erosion of state institutions extra burden on national exchequer.
  • General resentment in the society.
  • Bad image in the international community.


  • Awareness
  • Officials with powers need more “income”.
  • Anti-bribery laws for both who pays and who receives bribe like USA.
  • Reward to those who report malfunctioning
  • Effective monitoring and accountability
  • Strengthening state institutions
  • Performance bases promotions and incentives.
  • Media to unveil the culprit.
  • Teaching through JUMA sermon in the light of Quran and Sunna
  • The govt. should appoint a commission to prepare anti-corruption strategy
  • Transparent appointment of chairman “NAB”
  • Fixing tenure to key positions like chairman NAB, provincial chief, Secretariats, IG Police, Secretary Establishment Division, Secretary Cabinet Division, DCOs and DPO
  • NAB to conduct world class audit
  • The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA)
  • Certain steps for large public contracts
  • No job quota for elected representatives
  • FBR to audit annual tax returns
  • Zero tolerance to corruption

To reduce bribe:

  • Strengthening Competition Commission of Pakistan
  • Civil govt. and military be kept completely out of commercial business
  • Filing of complaints and FIR
  • Freedom of Information Act.

Prof Harbinson

Human resource constitute the ultimate basis for the wealth of the nation’s capital and natural resources are passive factors of productions.  Human beings are active agents who constitute capital, exploit natural resources and carry forward national development.


  • The government of poor countries should allow the magic of the market place and invisible hands to allocate resource distribution and alleviate poverty.  Billa Bassa a Nobel Prize winner in 1779 on economics.
  •  The world suffers a lot not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people! (Napoleon)
  • Media has made dictatorship impossible and democracy unbearable. (Benjmin Natenyaho)
  • No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back. (Turkish Proverb)
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