Cut your coat according to your cloth


Cut your coat according to your cloth

The proverb cut your coat according to your cloth, contain in its folds both a fundamental truth and a practical guidance for all and sundry. It implies that one should spend one’s material resources, including money in such a manner that commensurate with one’s earning. The modern society is stratified on a class system in which dignity and honour comes from the social position or status one hold in society. Hence, weak and shallow minds easily become victim to the perceived notion of respect. They try to win appreciation of others by having a lavish lifestyle much beyond their means. As a result they face impending financial crises. Their veil of richness is lifted, which expose their position. On the other hand, a wise man maintains a natural balance between his income and his expenditure. He is not persuaded by the glitters of high social status and lives well within his limits. This class of persons, unlike the earlier ones, live a comfortable and contented life. They enjoy peace of mind and the true respect of fellow being.

What holds true for an individual also holds true for a nation. The states which waste their resources in a reckless way ruin the prospect of their progress. Contrary to them, the countries that use their resources in an efficient way shine brightly in the galary of nations. The need of taking loan for development works cannot be denied, but expensive loans for non-developmental projects is highly counter productive. The debt crisis of Greece is example in hand. Therefore, for a satisfied, comfortable and honourable existence in the world, one must consciously cut his coats according to his clothes and must not profligate one’s resources.

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