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Decision to Conduct CSS Examinations in Urdu


Decision to Conduct CSS Examinations in Urdu


Caesar Chavez, famous American Civil Rights activists once said: Language is the reflection of ourselves. Language is the most essential component of any culture. A culture dies when people consider foreign language superior to their national or local language. Unfortunately in Pakistan, our Civil and Military establishment having its roots in colonial era is still obsessed with English Language. Consequently, despite clear direction of Constitution of the country to promote the national language, no meaningful effort has been made by men at the helm of affairs in this regard. In this backdrop the Lahore High Court’s direction to FPSC to conduct CSS examination in Urdu next year is of great significance.

Competitive examination is a method for recruiting top civil servants who are to manage the affairs of State. It is imperative that individuals who are to hold the reins of country are sensitive about its culture and civilization. Having adequate knowledge and affection towards language is certainly one way to do so. Team Studybix, therefore, is supportive of any reform intended to promote Urdu, but there are few important questions to consider.

Education in Pakistan, after the eighteenth amendment to the Constitution is a provincial subject. Every Provincial government to show progress of government schools has adopted English as a medium of Instruction. Private Schools were already using English as a medium of Instruction. So when the basic education system from Primary to Masters is in English; then, whether it is advisable to bring change from the top? Isn’t it appropriate to bring an education policy aiming at gradual transformation of entire education system uniformly from English to Urdu. Also, since CSS is comprised of many optional subjects ranging from Physical Sciences to Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Languages and Law. Have we considered that quality books on these subjects are available in Urdu language? If, for instance, option is to be given to candidates to attempt paper either in English or Urdu, isn’t there a chance of unconscious bias of examiner towards any language?

Perhaps, a simple answer to all these questions lies in the fact that direction to hold CSS examination in Urdu has come from Judiciary, whereas, policy making and policy decisions are the domain of executive. A Judicial decision no matter based on how much reasoning may be, it can neither have the wisdom nor expertise of policy making institutes. But then Civil Administration is quite reluctant to bring any change in the status quo and that’s why we have this sudden Order from Judicial organ of the State. It is high time that every government institution must fulfills its duties in its true letter and spirit.

The decision to hold Competitive examinations in Urdu, irrespective of fact from where it came is a step in the right direction. However, the problems associated with shifting to Urdu medium must be addressed promptly as not only it is a matter of future of individuals seeking jobs, but also of a country itself.

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