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Describe the Salient Features of Objectives Resolution of 1949


Objectives Resolution:

The first major step towards constitutional making in Pakistan was the passing of “Objectives Resolution” by the first Constituent Assembly 12th March 1949. Objectives Resolution was presented by the then Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan on 7th March 1949. It main purpose was to identify the aims and objectives of the future constitution of Pakistan. It gave the principle on which the future constitution was to be framed.

Salient Features of Objectives Resolution:

The main provisions of the objectives resolution were:

  • The resolution clearly laid down that sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Allah Almighty.
  • The sovereignty delegated by Allah is a sacred trust which will be exercised by the representatives of the people in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah.
  • A federal system of government will be introduced in Pakistan.
  • Principles of democracy, equality, freedom and social justice as given by Islam shall be fully observed.
  • Maximum efforts shall be made to enable the Muslims to order their lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam.
  • Adequate provisions would be made to safeguard the rights of minorities to freely profess and practice their religions.
  • Fundamental rights of the citizens shall be fully safeguarded.
  • Judiciary shall be independent.

Criticism of Objectives Resolution:

The “Objective Resolution” was the first concrete step towards the constitution making in Pakistan. Objective resolution satisfied the Muslim demands of Islamic society. However, minorities resented the Islamic outlook of Pakistani society and did not vote in its favour. Thus objective resolution became the first instrument which divided the nascent state on the question of religion. It was also not an exhaustive document and lack on many important details. The main drawback in the resolution was that no timetable was given for finalisation of constitution. The resolution gave no hint about the division of powers between the Centre and the provinces which created complication later on.

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