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Do We Live a Better Life Than our Forefathers


Do We Live a Better Life Than our Forefathers:

Generally we are living a better life than our forefathers did. We have more facilities at workplaces, in travelling, health and much more. Scientific devices have made life much easier than past times.

The quotation has two aspects, material as well as spiritual. Materially man has gained massive advancements due to scientific inventions and technology. In communication for example the distances have been wrapped up; the world has become a global village. Travelling is easier, faster and safer now. Computers and Internet have dramatically changed life. You can get any information by just a single click on computer. The automatic machinery and robots have reduced manual labour. Agricultural procedures have not only become easier but also productivity has increased. In the field of medicine man has overcome a large number of academics that have ruined the society at times. Tuberculosis, malaria and plague etc are no more deadly diseases now. Life expectancy has increased and child mortality rate has significantly reduced. Man has explored the universe and reached other planets.

Despite all these advancements the modern man has lost his peace of mind. The reason is that man in the past led simple life. They had no material desires that is why they were satisfied and calm. Moreover they had plenty of time to spend with their family, friend and relatives. They were emotionally attached to each other. This gave them a sense of security. On the other hand, modern man loves material things more than fellow human beings. In hot pursuit of materialism his relations have weakened because man is busy pursuing wealth and material comforts. And so in this sense of protection, modern man is follow from inside. Moreover modern society is deadly militarized that has aggravated the insecurities of people.

In short, we may say that, we are better off than our forefathers with respect to scientific advancements and facilities. But we are weak and hollow due to our mad chase for the materialism. We have not yet learned to use new discoveries for our benefit.

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