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Education is a Key to Success CSS Essay Outline


Education Is A Key To Success:


Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. It is a journey from darkness to light. It plays a key role in the progress of a nation. After more than sixty years of freedom from the British Raj, Pakistan is still experimenting with its education policy and strategies, harbouring multiple but opposite education systems, simultaneously.

Extent of the Issue:

  1. Health of a society is judged by the quality of its education.
  2. Education that not only ensures a bright career but trains a person to live a peaceful and contended life.
  3. The purpose of education is to make a balanced society.
  4. Education is not about marks; it’s about learning.
  5. Quaid-e-Azam provided the basic guidelines for future education development. He laid emphasis that education must aim at instilling in people the sense of honour, integrity and selfless services to the nation. Unfortunately, his message was forgotten soon after his death.
  6. Major proposals of the first Education Policy in 1947 were free and compulsory education for all; emphasis on science and technology and Islamic values.
  7. Instead of following the first policy of education in Pakistan, a marathon of different education policies started pouring in each having a grand list of proposals but devoid of implementation plans.
  8. National commission in Education (1959), Education Policy (1972), National Education Policy (1992, 1998) and many more were formulated but yielded weak results.
  9. Educational level is decreasing with every passing day.
  10. Developed countries have reached their epic in education and science and technology.
  11. Literacy rate and annual admission rate has meagerly changed.
  12. Education standard and level has not improved in rural areas rather showing backward trend.
  13. Female enrollment at school is still not satisfactory.
  14. There are a lot of doctors of philosophy but not masters of their subject.
  15. Education institutes have propped up in a short span of time but there is no education being taught there.


  1. Education has become the least priority for the country’s leadership and they have wrongly understood that development work like building roads and bridges make a nation great.
  2. There is a sheer scarcity of visionary and competent leadership that could envision the importance of quality education.
  3. Budget allocation for education is just 2% of GDP which is not enough.
  4. Attention is not paid on rural education sector where more than half of the total population of Pakistan lives.
  5. The establishment of higher education commission has bitterly failed to achieve its objectives.
  6. There exist several educational systems in Pakistan, working simultaneously but detached from each other. The curriculum in each system is different which later creates confusion and sometimes confrontation. The major systems are private and public education, technical education and Maderessa education system.
  7. Public education system is in a pathetic condition. Only elite can afford expensive private education.
  8. Madressa education system is producing dogmatic and orthodox minds rather than progressive individuals.
  9. Technical education system is so outdated that it cannot compete with even developing countries of the region.
  10. There is no focus on developing infrastructure of schools and other education institutes like buildings, classrooms, toilets and grounds.
  11. Absence of quality teachers and effective teaching methods severely affected the education system.
  12. Lack of proper training and socio-economic benefits for the teachers is destructive for education.
  13. Examination system i.e., semester system is full of flaws and loopholes which can be easily exploited.
  14. Problem of funding also affects major universities of Pakistan.
  15. Feudalism, poverty and other socio-economic factors also contribute to the apathy of education status in Pakistan.
  16. Curriculum being taught is not qualitative. It encourages cramming rather than learning.
  17. Examination system is all about scoring rather than judging a student on its abilities like comprehension and creativity.


  1. Introduction of a basic education system for all after thorough deliberations and consultations.
  2. Different education system should be replaced by a single national education system at all levels.
  3. The curriculum should be restructured in a way to encourage innovation, creativity and learning rather than cramming.
  4. Examination system should be more evaluative of an individual’s abilities.
  5. There is the need of paying attention on education and training of teachers.
  6. Education budget and financing should be doubled to support infrastructure and research and development in the field of education. Students must be trained and guided by professionals to choose their course of studies and research.
  7. Innovation and creativity should be encouraged and rewarded.
  8. Socio-economic constraints like poverty and feudalism must in no way affect the right of education to children.
  9. Special attention should be paid on rural education and training.
  10. Foreign and local scholarships for bright students should be increased to encourage healthy competition among students.
  11. Universities, colleges and other education institutes must be depoliticized.
  12. Education secretary at both provincial and federal level should be an acclaimed academic professional rather than a civil servant.
  13. Industries should collaborate with universities and research organizations to promote healthy R and D which would benefit both the parties.
  14. Strict monitoring of education sector is essential for positive developments.
  15. Community awareness and participation is important.
  16. The medium of instruction should be native/local language rather than English.


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