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Education in Pakistan Essay Outline



  • Quality education; back-bone of development process.
  • Education; a political issue
  • Literacy is important but the content of that literacy is even more important.
  • Importance of Education.
  • Pakistan’s position in the field of education.
  • Thesis statement leading to conclusion.

History of Educational Policies in Pakistan:

  • Education conference of 1947 and 1951.
  • Establishment of education commission in 1951.
  • Education policy of 1970.
  • National education policy of Zia-ul-Haq.
  • Declaration of university education 1990.
  • Establishment of Higher Education commission 2002.

Reason for Low literacy ratio:

  • Lack of Resources / funds.
  • Lack of political will and absence of consistency in policies.
  • Absence of strong coordination and organizational structure.
  • Lack of training of instructors, no formalized curriculum, and non-existence of effective research.
  • Poor monitoring and calculation mechanism.
  • Lack of awareness about significance of education.
  • Lack of educational facilities.
  • Geo graphical factors of some place.
  • Separate education system.
  • Low status of teachers and their salaries.
  • Lack of stress on Primary education.

Benefits of Quality Education:

  • Enhancing research and assessment work.
  • Development of Physical and technological infrastructure.
  • Increases skilled manpower.
  • Economics gains.
  • Social development.

Past and on-going literacy projects and programmes:

  • Eradication of illiteracy from selected areas of Pakistan.
  • Quranic Literary Project 1992-94.
  • Establishment of 10,000 Non formed basic education schools.
  • Crash Literacy programme.
  • Parha Likha Punjab.

Role of Higher Education Commission:

  • Aim of establishing H.E.C.
  • Goal set by H.E.C.
  • Support and funding of Government to H.E.C.
  • Introduction of Reforms under H.E.C.
  • Excellence in learning and research.
  • Encouraging Ph.D programmes.


  • Establishment of sound and result oriented educational system.
  • Establishment of digital libraries at district levels
  • Adopting balance approach between primary educations on and Higher education.
  • Seniority and performance based carrier path for teachers.
  • Combine teachers’ forum to support education reforms.
  • Introduction of reforms to change country’s image.
  • Uniform medium of instructions.
  • More funds for education development.
  • To make education ministry a paperless ministry.
  • Field mobilization community participation alteration of NGOs and effective use of government officiate.
  • Prevalence of one syllabus.


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