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The Emerging Power of Social Media: Prospects and Problems


Problems and Prospects of Social Media:

Thesis Statement:

Social media itself is not a bad thing itself: all we need is to train our people so that they can use the social media platforms in a constructive manner and derive maximum benefit from it. Also the government needs to frame rules and regulations and PEMRA must play proactive role in stopping online cheatings and frauds.

Introduction: what is social media?

Role of social media in our everyday life:

Prospects of Social Media:

  1. Role of social media in our personal and family life:

  • More connected
  • Personal development
  • Any type of tip, trick usage related to everyday life is available online
  • Ready and quick information

   2. The role of social media on social life:

  • Well informed society
  • More knowledge of the rights of people.
  • Global connections are coexisting now

   3. The role of social media on religious life:

  • Online lectures of renowned scholars are available
  • Online tuitions have made approach to better teachers easier.
  • Recorded lectures are available.
  • Online books, notes, and researches are more and more helpful
  • Information and comparison of educational institutions have made students more informed and efficient.
  • Distant learning or online courses of different institutes have provided easy access to studies for all

     4. The role of social media on political life.

  • People are well informed of their rights and duties.
  • It’s easier to streamline the party workers
  • Public check on performance of government is easy now

     5. The role of social media in economic life:

  • It has made business more easy for small entrepreneurs
  • Online shopping
  • Online meetings and dealings
  • Global access
  • Information of global trends and international news

Problems of social media:

  1. Problems in family life:

  • Social media engulfs family time
  • Health issues
  • Stress on eyesight
  • Constant exposure to dangerous rays of gadgets
  • Less physical work brings lethargy in daily routine.
  1. Social Impacts:

  • Moral degradation because of easy access to any type of vulgar or obscene material which is easily available on internet.
  • Deception by making fake Ids
  • Wastage of time
  • People get easily trapped in any type of propaganda
  • Mixing of global cultures are raising the weak local cultures.
  1. Religious Impacts:

  • Baseless issues are discussed online that have two effects
  • Arousal of sectarian sentiments
  • Persons with little or no knowledge portraying themselves as experts or muftis.
  • Time waste on surfing keeps us away from religious ritual performance.
  1. Political impacts:

  • Political wings of political parties are busy in mudslinging on their opposition parties and common people are unaware of such phenomenon.
  1. Economic impacts:

  • Misrepresentation or false representation
  • No rules and regulations for cheaters in online business because most of the time the parties especially sellers are having fake Ids.
  • No returning oblique changing or claiming policy yet.
  • Housewives are easily trapped.



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