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Establishment, Structure and Early Objective of All India Muslim League




  1. Background: Why Muslims of India needed a political party of their own?
  2. Muslim League
  3. Aims & Objections
  4. Role in struggle for protecting the right of the Muslims of India.
  5. Hindu Response
  6. Comment:

The All India Muslim League:

Why need of separate political party for Muslims?

  1. Tilak intensified the feeling of insecurity among the Muslims because of his harsh and fanatic campaign.
  2. Urdu-Hindi controversy
  3. Anti-Urdu posture of Anthony Mcdonnell.
  4. Expression of demands and apprehensions through an organized platform.
  5. Upsurge of Hindu agitation and helplessness of Muslims.
  6. Demand of greater rights of Muslims. Newspaper and Journals started campaign for a political platform.
  7. Protection of rights of Muslims.
  8. Nullify the excessive suspension efforts from Hindu.

“As the state of things had greatly changed, the Muslims could hardly expect to gain their objective by relying on the government and that it was high time for them to take steps to bring their grievance to the notice of the government respectfully but fearlessly through a separate political association of their own”. Mohsin-ul-Mulk.

The Establishment of the All India Muslim League:

December 1 1906, after the annual session of All-India Mohammaden Educational conference, the All India Muslim League came into  being during a meeting presided over by Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk. The AIML came into being as a result of awakening of the Muslim community from its slumber.

Aims and Objectives of AIML:

  1. To promote among the Muslims of India the feeling of loyalty to the British government.
  2. To protect and advance the political rights and interests of the Musalmans of India and to respectfully represent their needs and aspirations to the Government.
  3. To prevent among the Musalmans of India any feeling of hatred/hostility towards other committees.

Structure Of The AIML:

  • A central committee/Council.
  • Executive comprising of president, vice presidents, secretary and joint secretaries.
  • President would be elected by central committee for a year.
  • The league depended on membership fee and donations mostly coming from the Agha Khan.
  • Provincial wings in major provinces established.
  • London Muslim League established in 1909 under Sayyid Ameer Ali to win British Public opinion.
  • Ameer Ali stressed that the Muslims have their own problems and interests which had to be taken up separately. Congress lobby supported by John Marley (Secretary of the State for India) and Anthony Mcddonnell had opposed separate electorate for Muslims. Sayyid Ameer Ali and London Muslim League took the duty of defending the right of separate electorate and succeeded after long efforts.

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