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Eventually all Human Actions must be Judged by its Moral Content


Eventually all Human Actions must be Judged by its Moral Content

The proposition implies that rightness or wrongness of an individual’s act must be appraised in the light of its moral value. In other words, if an act is done in an improper way, but for a noble cause, it must be considered as a rightful act and vice versa.

One may dare to disagree with the proposition. Noble ends cannot justify rotten means. No matter how moral the cause is, if means employed are immoral, the act cannot be justified. For instance, stealing from rich to give it to the poor is nor justifiable. Despite its lofty ideal, stealing will remain an immoral act.

Another problem with judging an act on account of its moral content is that morality is a relative term. What may be moral for one, may not be moral for another. It is, therefore, essential that morality must be derived from uniform rules of law that cater not only the ends, but also the means employed.

Our society is prone to judging actions on account of its moral content. However, the most problematic thing is that everyone considers his action morally perfect and totally disregards other’s views and opinions. This results in conflict and violence. The perpetrators of minorities rights defend their persecution of minorities on their moral responsibility to uphold the dignity of Islam. The killing of women is defended on their responsibility to protect family honour. Even the national leaders show no different attitude. Recently, one major political party of a country staged a public protest for electoral reforms. No same person could disagree with the necessity for having electoral reforms. But to seek it through the threat of violence is highly despicable.

If we continue to judge an act on the basis of its perceived moral content. We will continue witnessing violence, aggression and flagrant disregard of rule of law in our society.

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