Every Cloud has a Silver Lining, Short Essay


The proverb implies that every difficult situation has some positive aspects. Every challenge brings an opportunity with it and every failure is a precursor of success.

Man by nature is ease loving. He detests facing problems and challenges. But problems are, in fact, blessings in disguise. It is the difficult situation that brings out the best in man. If we cast a glance on the lives of successful personalities, we shall see that all great men had to face numerous difficulties in their lives. No one achieved success overnight. Everyone worked hard. For instance, Nelson Mandela spent twenty seven years in prison before he liberated his country from the clutches of apartheid-ism. The rise of Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, etc was preceded by great challenges and struggles.

What holds true for an individual also holds true for a country. All great nations faced many challenges before they emerged as powerful countries. United Kingdom and United States of America, for instance, faced great challenges. In fact, they were torn apart by their respective civil wars, before they attained the statues of super powers.

In is true that act present our homeland is surrounded by problems from all corners. It is, however, necessary that we should not lose hope. If we stand united as a nation and meet the challenges with strength and courage; we can emerge as a truly great nation and can attain our rightful statues among the comity of nations.

  1. Manju says

    Thx superb

  2. syed Nisar Ahmed says

    Sir ,All great nation faced many changes or (Challenges )? i think there is one word error in the 3rd Paragraph second sentence ?

    1. studybix says

      Thanks for pointing out. Necessary correction has been made.

  3. Vaibhav Gupta says

    Sir it’s very nice essay

  4. Jayshri Sancheti says

    Excellent answer….but needs some examples tooo…..👍🏻🙂🙂

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