Fair Play and Life as it is Lived, In the Land of Pure Essay Outline




Life is driven by ideals but sustained by possibilities. In the land of pure, idealism has led to hypocrisy and persecution.

Extent of the Issue:

  1. In Pakistan, we have big ideals and dream of achieving them without making any efforts.
  2. Pakistan is going to become an Asian Tiger.
  3. Lahore will be Paris soon.
  4. Jinnah is our leader and his legacy would be followed.
  5. Pakistan is made in the name of Islam and it shall become leader of the Islamic world.
  6. Corruption is to be rooted out at any cost.
  7. Every person living in Pakistan would be Sadiq and Amin.
  8. Pakistan has both resources and capabilities to become world economic power.
  9. Every individual shall live its life according to the injuctions of Islam.
  10. It is ideal to receive foreign debts to boost the economy.
  11. Mega projects of development are ideal to serve the needs of common man.
  12. Al these ideals have created a lot of problems for Pakistan and for people living there.


  1. Ideals are born not created.
  2. Ideals create hypocrisy and prosecution.
  3. Imposing ideals of few on majority leads to chaos and dogmatism.
  4. Failure to achieve ideals create frustration and inefficiency both at individual and collective level.
  5. Big ideals lead to disillusionment as one finds oneself in quagmire while achieving it.
  6. Big ideals are mostly reduced to slogans and temporary mode of winning support.
  7. Ideal of making oneself pure and also others create disturbance in the society.
  8. Idealists are suspicions of their people, creating division and extremism in the society.
  9. Ideals, whether social, economic, religions, spiritual or personal can be distracting.
  10. Idealism divides a society into as many parts as are ideals.
  11. Ideals create social polarization.
  12. Struggle for idealism makes a person selfish and brutal as in the case of dictatorship and wars.
  13. When one considers its duty to spread idealisms, one generates coercision in the society.


  1. Idealism is a vague concept. Politics is a game of possibilities. One should strive to make things possible rather than ideal.
  2. Human is born free and shall always be. One cannot impose its own ideals on other in any form and way.
  3. Targets should be set carefully and practically. It’s good to be ideal but its more ideal to be good.
  4. As big slogans and promises generate false hope in people, they should be avoided and replaced with practical goals and endeavours which may be possible to achieves.
  5. Strive for possible while thinking of one’s ideal.
  6. Man is a social animal and has to compromise his ideals for mutual co-existence in peace and tranquility. Living in seclusion is not possible.
  7. Ideals must be enough flexible to be able to change. Otherwise it creates dogmatism.
  8. A balance is required between ideals and capacity of an individual as well as state.
  9. Ideals must not be fixed and can change in accordance to situation. Honesty, truthfulness and obedience do not always help.


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