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Freedom of Press in Pakistan Essay Outline



1. Introduction:

  • Freedom of expression is a basic human right.
  • Press: fourth Pillar of state.
  • An antagonistic relationship between media and Government.
  • Pre-requisite for democracy.


2. Constitutional provision and Guarantees:

  • Article 19.
  • Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the freedom of expression subject to reasonable restriction.
  • Judicial Assurance.

3. Constituents of the Freedom of press:

  • The Honest Braker role of media.
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Freedom of press. Print, Electronic
  • Freedom of speech.
  • Free from every pressure from government and Agencies.
  • Freedom of opinion formation.

4. Functions of media (What should be)

  • Education masses
  • Create awareness.
  • Show real picture of society.
  • Invoke public interest in affairs/policies of government.
  • Makes the general masses aware of the fundamental rights and duties.
  • Create awareness about world scenario.

5. Freedom of press in Pakistan:

  • Past: Freedom of press is a pre-requisite for democracy: Democracy could not flourish in Pakistan partly due to controlled media.
  • PEMRA 2001: Electronic Media new birth.
  • Multiple private channels challenged the monopoly of only government channel.
  • 3rd 2007: Emergency promulgated for 48 days ruined the efforts of electronic media.

6. Hazards being faced by Pakistani media print and electronic:

  1. Illiteracy
  2. Unawareness
  3. Political instability
  4. Undemocratic
  5. Indifference attitude of masses towards the affairs of government.
  6. Poverty
  7. Pressure from government institutions
  8. Lack of funding
  9. Economic pressures/ problems.
  10. Military interventions.

7. Why hazards being created:

  • Curb the free media
  • Conceal the faults of government from public.
  • To stop educational process of public through electronic media.
  • To stop the process of democratization media was presenting the real picture prevailed in the society.

8. Role ought to be played by parliament and judiciary:

  • In order for a media to be effective parliament and judiciary must play their part.

    9. Press in tribal areas:

  • Totally paralyzed
  • Islamic militants
  • Tribal elders
  • Government of Pakistan.

10. Role played by Pakistan electronic media within last few year:

Everybody felt the difference.

  • Created political awareness.
  • Developed power of opinion making in general masses.
  • People started taking interest in state affairs.
  • People realized the importance of education.
  • Government officials recognized their duties towards state as well as public.
  • Media made government officials realize their status as public servant.

11. Responsibilities of media some obliterated by media:

  • To show the real picture.
  • Be critical to certain extent.
  • Avoid exaggeration.
  • Be careful about national integrity.
  • Also show good initiatives taken by the government.
  • Not to be a party.
  • Impartial and unprejudiced behavior.
  • Not to represent the particular section of society.


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