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The Future Lies with the East Essay Outline


The Future Lies with the East:


The rise of the East has begun. The decline of the West has started. The last century was the century of socio-economic development of the west. The present century and future belongs to the East. East has become the land of infinite opportunities of progress and development. It has proved a heaven for business. Rich in natural and human resources, blessed by nature, equipped with scientific knowledge and technological advancements, east is making great strides for becoming main global player.

Extent of the Issue:

  1. West has ruled the world for centuries through its development in science, technology and education. It conquered many countries through force and others by political hegemony. West still wields a great influence on the world and it’s premature to forecast their downfall but, the trend has started.
  2. West has indulged itself in too many conflicts that it finds it difficult to afford them without affecting their economy and social setup. War euphoria of UK in the past and conflicts led by America in recent times has proved destructive for both the nations.
  3. Rise of China is one of the most defining factors in the rise of the East. India, Arab countries and Malaysia are also fostering their interests in international community.
  4. East is an emerging market with lot of business opportunities. A great number of international business houses and banks are investing tremendous amount of money in the East. East has proved safe business haven for such firms.
  5. East has become modernized.
  6. East in thriving in all fields of life; industry, agriculture, business, science and technology.


Why East is becoming stronger and important player in international community? Why world is now looking towards East to play the role of leadership? There are many causes. Some of them are:

  1. East is blessed by nature. There are abundant of resources, both natural and human to be utilized for prosperity of the region. West faces hard environmental and climatic conditions which work against them.
  2. There are vast lands in East to meet the needs of food and shelter.
  3. East has learned to manage the available resources to get maximum benefit out of them.
  4. East values stability over prosperity unlike west that thinks the other way. Family system is still intact, cultures and civilizations are still respected. Social values like brotherhood, sympathy, and selflessness are still practiced. West lost all this in their drive to develop blindly at the cost of everything. They believe that “power is everything”.
  5. East has large rich pool of young population which provides ample benefit in industry and agriculture by providing cheap labor and manpower. West has been suffering from negative growth rate during the last few decades, resulting in less number of young people than old people.
  6. All prophets came to the East, helping them in their spiritual growth whereas most of philosophers born in West who led to cognitive development but could not guide them spiritually.
  7. The east believes in destiny and fate whereas West tried to control these forces by technological advancements. For example, cloning and other unnatural ways of breeding have been increasing tremendously.
  8. East worked on people whereas West focused on machines and forgot the humans. They even started valuing animals more than humans.
  9. East is now trying to avoid wars and fights so that resources are used on people. West adopted the strategy of conquering more and more lands at gun point. That policy drained most of their resources without being spent on individuals.
  10. East has developed its beautiful landscape to provide tourists with a chance to be more near to scenic nature than ever, attracting foreign as well as local tourists which generate revenue for the country.
  11. West built militaries to conquer lands. East built nation to conquer hearts and minds of people.
  12. Still West is more advanced in the fields of science and technology but their focus is using that advantage to destroy others. Although East is less developed in the respective field but heir approach is constructive.
  13. The purpose and meaning of life for East is to sustain whereas purpose of West is to dominate.


  1. West has to understand the new reality that the world in no more uni-polar. There are many centers of power now. Instead of trying to conquer one another, both East and West must strive for harmonious co-existence. The policy of “live and let live” must be adopted. That will bring prosperity and peace in world along with amelioration of living standards of people.
  2. Scientific and technological advancements should serve people in a constructive way, rather using them for destruction.
  3. West should learn social values from the East and the later try to learn scientific knowledge from the former in order to serve the humanity.
  4. Both the poles should work with each other to avoid conflicts and strive resolve their mater through dialogue and diplomacy.
  5. A lot of work has been done on machines. World has become mechanized and mechanical. Now human must be the focus of policies, strategies and resources.
  6. Exploitation of resources has to be sustainable if this world has to support life. The rate of exploitation must not exceed rate of recharge.
  7. Military adventurisms be minimized and socioeconomic endeavors to serve the people be programmed.

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