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Global Warming Outline




                35% rise in Green House Gases since 1975

Global Warming:

  • Earth cooled and warmed many times.
  • Greenhouse effect has increased the average temperature of the earth.
  • Over the past 100 year average 0.7% Celsius temp has increased. Scientist link this to various changes, but manmade activities are primarily responsible for global warming.


  • More warming in 21st century 2.4-6.4 Celsius degree expected to rise by 2100

What is Greenhouse Effect:-

  • No sending back heat waves.
  • Positive effect is that it makes life possible otherwise earth would be too cool to support life.

Causes of Greenhouse:-

  • Industrialization
  • Deforestation
  • Automobiles
  • Excessive use of fossils fuel
  • Exploitation of earth resources

Types of greenhouse gases:-

  • Water vapors
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Synthetic Chemicals
    • CFC
    • Freon Gas
  • Aerosol sprays

Debate over Global Warming:-

  • One group says human activities have nothing to do with global warming.
  • In 1988 U.N. Environmental program and the World Meteorological organization (WMO) established Inter Governmental Panel on Climate change(IPCC) in 2007 blamed human activity.


  • Weather
    • More humidity
    • Frequent storms
  • Ice sheets and glaciers
  • Sea level 10-25 cm
  • Agriculture
  • Plants and animals
  • Human health

Suggestions to control Global Warming

  • To reduce dependence over fossil fuels
  • Storing CO2 somewhere else

Carbon Capture

  • To preserve plants
  • Underground deposition

1700 wood⟶1850 Oil ⟶1900 gas

more CO2                 less CO2               leastCO2

  •  Nuclear Energy
  • Solar and wind mild
  • Bio diesel and ethanol

Efforts to control Greenhouse effect at international level:

  • 1992 Rio De Janeiro at UN Conference on Environmental development known as Earth Summit.
  • 150 countries pledged to confront the problem by signing UN framework convention on climate change (UNFCC).
  • 1997 Japan 160 countries gathered to sign Kyoto Protocol on amendment to (UNFCCC). It aimed at creating the level of CO2 emission at pre 1990 level.
  • Kyoto Protocol didn’t take into account the fast development of China and India.
  • IN 2007 EU members gathered to decide the fate of GHG in EU. To reduce 20% from 1990 by 2020 and 30% if other nations joined 10% increase in bio diesel and ethanol.

Copenhagen Summit 2009:-

  • The Copenhagen accord was drafted by US, China, India, Brazil, South Africa on 18th December.
  • Not passed unanimously
  • Document recognized the climate change as one of the major challenges and actions should be taken to limit it below 2oC.
  • The document is not binding
  • Wikileaks cable show that there was collusion between US and China by a meeting between Senator Kerry and Chinese PM.

Cancun Summit 2010:-

  • Fund for poor countries to adopt the climate change
  • New mechanism for fighting

Impact of Global Warming on Pakistan Economy:

  • Degeneration of its ecology is costing Pakistan $365 equivalent to six percent of the GDP


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