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Great Nations Win Without Fighting Essay Outline


Great Nations Win Without Fighting


True winning is the winning of hearts and minds of people rather than conquering lands and resources. Success through the use of force is neither ideal nor permanent. Serving the people and standing by their problems isn’t true success in this contemporary age of globalization. Fighting wars only bring bloodshed and chaos. Fighting poverty, corruption, disease and malnutrition is the order of progress and prosperity.

Extent of the Issue:

  1. Wars cannot be won and should not be fought.
  2. War is a good way to kill, to destroy, to upset but a bad way to win, to conquer and to plunder.
  3. Nations or countries which tried to win by arms and force suffered bitterly. Russia, United States of America, United kingdom and pre-world war Germany are perfect examples. Their economies suffered, their people suffered and last but not the least their future suffered.
  4. Pakistan and India once united and now neighbors have suffered because of their enmity which made them to fight four direct wars and are still fighting numerous proxy wars over issues of national security and sustenance. Resources which could have changed the fate of the people have been utilized in arms race.
  5. On the other hand, countries which show restrain in fighting have progressed and prospered so much that they have reasonable standing in the world, not because of their military might but because of their socio-economic and scientific developments. Examples are China, Switzerland, South Korea, Malaysia, post-WW2 Germany, France and Turkey etc.


How come counties and nations that avoided war developed and progressed to rule the world? The causes are

  1. Political and administrative maturity is landmark of great nations as every department and organization works in their own domain without interfering in the affairs of each other, whether it is judiciary, executive, media, military or parliament.
  2. Great nations spend their resources on welfare of their people instead of wasting them in wars and fights. Basic facilities; food, clothing and shelter are provided to the people at an affordable cost. Satisfied and prosperous people play important role in development and progress of their motherland.
  3. Uniform development and equal chances of progress for all without discrimination.
  4. Efforts are made to minimize the socio-economic evils like poverty, unemployment, inflation, insecurity, corruption, illiteracy, intolerance, sectarianism, extremism, polarization etc.
  5. Maximum efforts are made to provide best education and health facilities to people without any discrimination.
  6. Resources are spent on advancement in the fields of science and technology which ensures prosperity in this contemporary age.
  7. Ensuring rule of law with elements of justice and equality is benchmark of prosperity these days. Controlling crimes and providing safety to people brings peace to society which in turn ripe environment for local as well as foreign investment. Switzerland and other European countries are the best example where no one is above the law.
  8. Resources and potentials are utilized to develop basic infrastructure which helps in smooth transition to modern development.
  9. Diplomatic and friendly relations are built to use them when needed rather than living in isolation to invite lethargy. North Korea is bad example of isolation in international community.


War is not a solution. Fighting is not an option. Nations and countries need to understand that time has changed. Old tactics of military dominance and undercover operations against each other have expired. Attitudes and approaches have to be changed to fit in the new world order. Some remedial measures in pursuit of no to war and still win are:

  1. Fight for the development of people, both socially and economically.
  2. Fight on behalf of people against disease, poverty, lawlessness and corruption rather than fighting against people for meaningless lands and resources.
  3. Fight extremism, terrorism, sectarianism and polarization.
  4. Fight selfish forces of capitalism that hold most of the resources and destitute common people of their deserving rights.
  5. Fight illiteracy and backwardness in science and technology.
  6. Fight against international interventions in national affairs to safeguard the right of freedom and liberty.
  7. Fight against low industrial productivity and low agricultural yield.
  8. Fight hegemony of feudal, elitist, and powerful on behalf of poor, peasant and labor.
  9. Fight for equality and justice.
  10. Conflicts should be discussed on table rather than in field. Proper platforms in the form of international organizations (UNO) and regional bodies (SAARC) can be used to solve the problems without fighting.
  11. Maintain close relationship with other international players to advance your interests. Remain neutral and do not take side with any particular nation. Diplomacy has crucial role to play.

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