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How to Write an Essay


How to write an essay:

An essay is basically a short composition made up of a series of paragraphs. Its length may run as few as four or five paragraphs, or it might comprise of a few pages.

A paragraph has a thesis sentence that highlights a fundamental thought and is followed with supporting detail. The essay follows a similar plan except that it has multiple paragraphs with a stronger conclusion.

Organization of Essay:

Introduction: First paragraph that presents the essay’s principle thought.

Body: Normally, at least three paragraphs that maintain the thought, support it, clarify, and exhibit details.

Conclusion: The conclusion is incorporated in the last section. It emphasizes or condenses the purposes of the essay while drawing a conclusion. Sometimes the final paragraph is only a few sentences, while other concluding paragraphs are lengthier in order to make the important ideas come together to a strong conclusion. Never include new thoughts that have not been developed earlier in the essay.

Planning AN ESSAY:

If you were asked to write an essay on a perfect occupation, you would need to scribble down a couple of thoughts before you compose. Conceptualizing would be next. What intrigues you most? Name some ideal jobs where you would need to work, the hours, and obviously, a possible salary. You might want a job that would help other people, or you might envision a job that appeals to your creative talents. Organize these thoughts into an introduction, body, and conclusion. When you complete this exercise, it could serve as a rough outline for your actual writing of such an essay.

Attempting an Essays:

The word essay has several connotations. For instance, when you take an examination that consists of only essay topics, the use of the word essay is quite different from an assignment in a literature class.

On account of an examination, you are not necessarily being asked to write an essay in the traditional form with at least five or six paragraphs; however, writing effective answers in an essay style can be a major asset in any academic class.

For one thing, in the essay question, it is up to the writer to reveal knowledge about the general subject. It is an opportunity to excel. Always respond without hesitancy and with confidence. This does not mean that you should fake answers, but most instructors will give the test taker credit for trying.

Organize your writing along a clear idea, but plan it according to the question and the time allotted. Always state this focus in a short, succinct thesis statement early in the essay answer.

Reread the question after writing the thesis statement to be sure that it is answering the question posed by the examiner.

Plan the rest of your answer in an outline. Words listed can be adequate; simply make sure you know where you are going in your composition.

Continuously incorporate examples to help your theory. Normally, a few are sufficient; however one will do if time is tight.

Adhere to the subject of your essay. This is the point where you must refrain from any attempt to impress your instructor.

Structure of an essay:

Essays and paragraphs have similar structures.

  1. Building up AN ESSAY AND A PARAGRAPH:
  • Each needs an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • Research is sometimes necessary to uncover new facts, illustrations, and other supporting details.
  1. Patterns for Essay Writing:
  • Description of topic
  • Definition
  • Illustration
  • Process
  • Comparison/contrast
  • Classification
  • Persuasion


Now you try it.


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