Human Kind Cannot Bear Much Reality Complete Essay




It is in man’s nature to view reality from personal perception and he accepts that version of reality which suits his interest. If, however, reality is different from perceived notion, man attempts to suppress it, sometimes, by force too.

Extent of the issue:

  1. Human beings are full of delusions and self-deception.
  2. Many conflicts in the world results from the distorted belief in one’s righteousness. Man does not accept the responsibility of his action.
  3. Man does not accept the responsibility of his actions.
  4. Man uses might to establish his version of reality.
  5. State sponsors propaganda to bring legitimacy to their claims.


  1. Human beings are generally ease loving; whereas, reality is often harsh and damaging
  2. Reality is difficult to accept because it may upset one’s belief.
  3. The relative nature of reality; one man hero is another man villain.
  4. Growing materialism and lack of spiritualism in man.
  5. Nationalism and patriotism encourages prejudicial feeling.


  1. Moral and spiritual training to man.
  2. One must make an objective appraisal of the situation.
  3. Improve understanding and shun prejudices and narrow mindedness.
  4. Mankind must be fold that acknowledging reality does not mean approving it.




Reality is often harsh and bitter and the human kind cannot bear much of it. Consequently men view reality from their own perception and accept that version of reality which suits their interests. Mankind as a whole lives in delusion and self-deception. Infact, many a conflict in this world have resulted from the belief in one’s righteousness. This is equally applicable on all levels of human organization, be it individual, societal or national. If the reality is so manifest and glaringly obvious, but runs counter to one’s perceived notion, man attempts to suppress it by various means, including force, where necessary.

There are many delusions and self-deception which are present in every man. A person who is under the influence of intoxication, for instance, believes that his senses are in his control. Similarly, being envious of one’s friend or colleague success is quite natural to man. While a man knows that he is envious, he attempts ceaselessly to convince himself in believing that he is not jealous of others. And if someone else confronts him with the truth, he normally burst into rage and anger. Everyone holds certain notion and ideals that seems to ease the situation. The life is full of difficulties and people tend to make certain delusion to make life bit easier.

It is not a rare phenomenon that one man’s reality differs from others. Infact, many conflicts are the consequence of one’s belief in righteousness. When everyone staunchly believe in righteousness of one’s perception of reality, a conflict is inevitable. Even conflicting roles that man plays also increase tension between different relations. Thus, an explanation of the bitter relation between a woman and her daughter-in-law could be given from their faith in the uprightness of their respective claims without considering the viewpoint of other. The mother of a groom believes that she with all the pain and difficulty in the world has brought him up. Whereas, the wife is of the opinion that she has left all she had for the sake of her husband and now she has the first right over him. Both in their own right are at a right position yet poles apart with each other. This leads to an inevitable conflict the two respectable relations as both of them are unable to appreciate and bear the flip side of the reality.

Similarly, at the national level many international conflicts and wars were the result of the inability of man to absorb much reality. The traditional rivalry between the capitalism and socialism was the result of believing in one’s righteousness. When socialism first established itself as a form of government after the successful Russian revolution, many in the capitalist countries view the new order as dangerous and opposed to basic human right and hence conflict ensued.

Though the purpose of both the systems was to ensure the welfare of their citizens, neither of them was able to make any serious effort in bridging the gulf between them. Both the sides strongly affirmed its ideal and characterized other as a menace for the mankind. It was only after the collapse of socialist system that capitalism established itself as a world order. However, with the reemergence of Russia as a viable economic and political country along with the rise of China, who knows that socialism may find itself again competing with capitalism as premier world order.

Similarly, the crusade wars between the Christian and Islamic world was the bitter fruit of the belief in one’s view of the reality. The crusades resulted in the, loss of tens of thousands of human lives, made each side more adamant in holding the truth of their claim.

Most recently, world has witnessed two horrific consequences of the failure of mankind to bear reality. The two world wars marked the twentieth century. Millions of lives were lost in the struggle to establish their version of reality by the competing powers. Hitter believing in the superiority of German race and evilness of his adversaries threw the world in untold miseries and sorrows. The failure to accept the basic principle of equality of mankind caused great havoc and destruction.

Man does not accept the responsibility of his action. He remains in constant struggle to find someone on whom he can put the blame of his failures. It is extremely hard for human kind to accept his responsibility for the undesired. While one tries to receive as much appreciation as one could for any positive act, but where some negative aspects are also attached with the desired consequences one find it difficult to accept the reality of his role in the happening undesired activity. Nowhere this fact applies more than in the realm of science. Science has no doubt, made revolutionary changes in the life of mankind. Man has made great strides in the filed of science and technology. Today’s man takes special pride for all his scientific achievements. He compares his life with his predecessors and finds his life full of luxuries and comforts.

The negative aspect, however, brought out by the so-called development is not acknowledged by man as his fault, rather he puts the blame on others. Pollution and climate change are the worst consequences of products of science. While countries and nations have taken great pride and honour in substantiating their contribution to science and humanity, but no one is willing to share the responsibility of pollution and environmental degradation. The rich countries have put the blame on the poorer countries while the developing countries have held developed countries responsible for environmental pollution. So far the world community has failed to agree on a common action plan to curb the menace of pollution. Pollution poses a direct threat to the man’s existence in this world. Already the world climate pattern is beginning to change and having adverse effects on the lives of millions of population. But still it is not enough to make mankind realize about the necessity of acknowledging the grim reality and developing a common front.

Similarly, in the case of nation state, no one accepts the responsibility of his failure to make a meaningful contribution in the development of his country. While there are few rich countries in the world, there are many countries whose people are suffering and are living in poverty, illiteracy and backwardness. These countries also blame rich countries of exploiting their resources. On the other hand, rich countries allege poor nations of mismanagement and gross incompetence. However, the fact remains that it is the responsibility of state concerned to make provisions for its growth. Even inside a state, no stakeholder takes the responsibility for the failure of government to make progress. The state of Pakistan is an illustration at hand, despite lofty ideals and objectives for the attainment of which state was formed, the successive governments have failed to achieve their objective. Every succeeding government has put the blame on the former governments for the crisis situation in which it finds itself. Further, the executive puts blame on the judiciary and the opposition parties for blocking the way of nation towards progress and prosperity. The government and other stakeholders seldom accept their shortcomings in handing the affairs of state.

Sometimes it happens that the truth of one person varies, in fact, contradicts other’s truth. It is difficult for the human kind to exist with two different versions of reality. Hence, one version of reality must give way to the other. However, in most cases, this is not achieved easily. Invariably, the truth of powerful person prevails over the weaker. Thus, the reality of tenant must be sidelined by the feudal’s reality. The reality of the government prevails over the opposition. Similarly, the aspect of reality perceived by the rich states must be supported and upheld by the poorer states. In the modern world, thus, we find that the principles of democracy, human rights and capitalism must be adopted by the developing states if they do not want to invite the wrath of powerful western countries, especially United States of America. These countries cannot accept the reality that socialism, restricted political freedom can also serve the peculiar interests of a particular state. While this is not to suggest that dictatorship and abuse of human rights is more favourable but just to highlight the duplicity with which some of the powerful state operate. They have taken upon themselves to promote human rights on other states even by curbing their national sovereignty and integrity. On the other hand, they are themselves guilty of worst human right abuses. However, humankind especially the powerful cannot bear very much reality.

It is, however, not possible or sometimes feasible to flex the muscle against the dissident state. In these circumstances, another lethal weapon employed by states, especially by Western countries is to do negative propaganda against the varying aspect of reality. Thus, we find western countries busy maligning Islam as well as Islamic countries as terrorist. The fact of the matter is that Islam is a religion of peace, but this reality is indigestible to the American and European policy makers. Even an isolated act even done by the Muslim is not let go. The blame is put on the entire community. During the 20th century, state sponsored propaganda was extensively employed by malignant states during the world wars.

At this point, it would be relevant to look at some of the causes which make reality allthat difficult to digest.

The first reason could be found in the fact that human beings are generally ease loving while reality is often harsh and damaging. As discussed earlier is detail that it is difficult for man to accept the undesirable consequences of an action, but it is quite easy to put the blame on others. Also by not accepting the reality man thinks of avoiding it. But closing the eyes in the face of reality would not make the reality to disappear.

Another possible explanation could be the fact that reality is difficult to accept because it may upset one’s belief. Now this belief could be in some faith or ideology or could stem from patriotic feeling. The differences between Pakistan and India are deep rooted and historical. The followers of both the comps have established their own versions of reality which is to say the least, is subjective. Now to make and accept an objective assessment of the history would be difficult because it may be contradictory to one’s pre-conceived nations.

It is also due to the fact that human interests are so varied and divergent so as to make reality as a relative phenomenon. It is often said that one man’s hero is another man’s villain. The person who has taken up the arm struggle against the allege oppressor is a freedom fighter for a one camp, whereas, a terrorist for the other. The case jallianwala tragedy may be mentioned here. General dyre who ruthlessly killed hundreds of innocent citizens. He is regarded as the most abominable man by the Indians, but was awarded by the British government for successfully suppressing the miscreants and bringing law and order to the country.

The growing materialism and lack of spiritualism in man is also the cause of man’s increasing inability to accept reality. Man is becoming more and more materialistic in nature. Materialism kills the spiritual strength of man which is imperative for enduring reality.

The strong nationalist and patriotic feeling encourages prejudice feelings. Nationalists tend to view reality from the perspective of their national interests. Russian always view American with Russian lenses and would find it difficult to accept anything good which the American has to offer him. Similarly, Pakistani would find hard to agree to the Indian narrative and vice-versa. Thus, strong patriotic feeling also makes reality difficult to digest.

Though it is difficult to make mankind accept the reality, yet few suggestions could be made to improve the situation to some extent.

The first thing is to inculcate moral and spiritual training to mankind. Some common principles must be adopted to guide the course of human dealing. None is more important and relevant than the inherent belief in the worth and dignity of man. Every man’s dignity must be affirmed. His individuality is to be appreciated. This will make people tolerant of others rights and aspirations. The belief in mutual peaceful co-existence could be instrumental in helping mankind to accept the different aspect of reality.

In is also imperative to make an objective appraisal of the situation. One must not try to seek solace from ignoring the reality if one finds oneself at some fault; one must have the courage to accept responsibility. Mankind must be told that admitting fault is the bravest act that requires a lot of courage.

Another fact that could help mankind to bear reality is to improve one’s understanding. A person who understands the reasons of others action can also understand the different aspects of reality. Similarly, by avoiding prejudices and adopting a holistic approach, one can have a broader look on reality which would enable him to understand and accept it more frequently than not.

Another thing that can be useful in this regard is to tell mankind that acknowledging reality does not mean approving it. One may not agree with one’s position in life or one’s failure. But by accepting it man can make a better effort in changing the situation than by living in fool’s paradise. Thus, the difference between acknowledging a reality and approving reality must be clearly explain to the mankind so that reality could become for more bearable.

To sum the discussion, it can be said that indeed it is difficult for mankind to bear much reality. But somehow mankind must be taught reality to accept it even if it runs counter to one’s interest.

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