If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind


If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind

The quotation describes the seasonal cycle that after winter spring is so near, same is the cycle in man’s life the sorrows and sufferings are followed by happiness and comfort.

In the proverb, the winter season that is dark and tough is symbolised by the trial times. But spring that is bright and colourful season, is symbolized by happiness. Life of any person never remains the same. It is a blend of sufferings and joys. They always go side by side. It can be said that joys and sorrows are spice of life if they are separated life would be tasteless. So man should not lose heart in some hard times.

What holds true for an individual also stands for nation. Nation cannot be built in a day. It takes a long time for a nation to come out of its crisis and become a civilized or developed. The proverb is very right in conditions of Pakistan. The country presently is mired in multi-facet crisis and masses have got panic for its progress. Hence, the need of the hour is patience and perseverance. One should not lose hope, rather he must play his part for the peace and progress of the country. One day our nation will cope successfully with these problems. And it will soon regain its lost prestige among fellow nations. And its citizen will lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

So the lesson of proverb is one should not lose hope in has trial times rather he should struggle for better future and remain positive in such conditions. It is a principle of nature that time never remains same. It is a promise of nature that after every dark and cold times there would be bright and colourful spring.

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    well written

  2. rohini says

    well written….good work

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    Awesome expansion
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