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The Importance of Industralization Short Essay


The Importance of Industrialization

The importance of industrialization is magnanimous. Industrialization serves multiple services to modern man. It is the source of food, clothing, shelter, health and other utilities of life necessary essential to sustain ever increasing population. With population increasing in a tremendous speed, industrialization has become a major stakeholder in the society for long lasting peace and stability.

Since start of industrialization in the 19th century, life style of people have greatly changed and improved. Industrial growth has provided millions of jobs the continuously increasing population. It is because of industrial growth that people are getting continuous supply of food items, clothes, shelter and other facilities. Mechanization has made it easier to cater the tremendous demands of modern times. Industry provides both medicine and medical equipment to the ailing people. Industries have become hub of research and development. But all is not good and white about industrialization.

Mushroom growth of industrialization has created many problems for the human kind and for all living things on this planet. Industry is the source of air, water and land pollution. Industrial omissions of toxic gases are polluting the air. Large amounts of carbon dioxide in the air is responsible for global warming which in turn has triggered melting of glaciers and rise in sea levels. The climate change is even more dangerous as it has altered the climates of various regions to which local species are not used to. Moreover, industrial effluents are damaging land and water resources, affecting these ecosystems dangerously. The large scale burning of fossil fuels and open dispensation of toxic wastes more damage the humanity than serving it.

In nutshell it can be summed up that industrialization is good if it does not affect the health of living organisms and ecosystems. Industrialization has to be sustainable. There shall be a balance between progress and stability. Where progress starts threatening the stability, it should be halted and reversed to the harmless position. In current scenario, it does not look possible and is expected that it would continue to damage the ecosystem until a catastrophe becomes imminent.


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