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In Freedom Lies The Happiness Of An Individual


In Freedom Lies The Happiness Of An Individual

As John Locke once said, “man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”. The chains which clutch man come from various sources. It is true that the modern man has achieved liberty from physical bondage. However, he is being subjected to new forms of slavery, i.e., slavery of social, economic and intellectual needs, In freedom from these wants and needs, lies the happiness of an individual.

Man is a social animal. He lives in society. Almost every society in the world expects a certain conduct  from its members. The norms of society that regulate the daily life of its members usually become so hardened that it is almost impossible to live in the society without conforming them. Such norms enslave an individual. For instance, in rural areas of Sub-Continent, marriage ceremony must show grace and glory, with an additional responsibility on the shoulder’s of bride’s parents to give exorbitant dowry on wedding. Freedom from such social pressures are essential for the happiness of an individual.

Similarly economic problems have made miserable the lives of majority of the world population. Quite a high proportion of world population lives below the poverty line. In primitive world, one person enslaved another through physical means, but modern slaves are in economic bondage. The population can conveniently be divided between haves and have not. Those who falls in the latter category are leading a miserable life. Their happiness lies in the freedom from the financial worries.

It is a matter of irony that despite great advancement in the fields of knowledge, most of the mankind has not been able to remove the clutches of intellectual slavery. The violent ethnic and sectarian clashes, attacks on minorities and religious places are due to intellectual slavery. Even in a most advanced country racial and ethnic tensions are destroying the social fabric. Happiness and prosperity of not only individuals, but also of nations and states lies in freedom from intellectual slavery.

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