Keep your face towards sunshine and you will never face shadow


Keep your face towards sunshine and you will never face shadow

Keep your face towards sunshine and you will never face shadow These words of Helen Keller have great practical value. One who keeps his face towards the sun can never see shade. The phrase is the golden rule of life of the high achievers.

The phrase has two parts. In the first one, sunshine stands for optimism, positive attitude in life and determination are symbolized by sunshine. But in the other half the shade or shadow means the pessimism, negativity and giving up because of hurdles.

So, the saying teaches us that one who takes his life positively and never regard any obstacle bigger than his mettle, will definitely succeed. His optimism is his strength against the hardships of life. This gives him determination to achieve higher goals in life. He is never let down by mere worldly difficulties.

This has been the practice of all great men of history. Following it, Alexander a young warrior emerged as Alexander the great. Similar spirit was found in Jinnah who attained a freedom in very unfavourable environment for the Muslims of Sub-Continent. It was only because of his optimism and faith in success that realized the dream of achieving a separate State.

On the other hand, success will never be the fate of negative thinkers. One who takes darker aspects of life more seriously and never forgets the hardships of the past cannot progress in life. He may live in the past and could not do anything in present for a bright future. Such a man never tests his mettle, never realizes his weakness, never tries to overcome them and thus never tastes fruit of success. So for a successful life one must keep his face towards the positive things of life and never make his shortcoming his weakness.

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