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Leadership Crisis in Pakistan Essay Outline




  1. Introduction:

  2. Problems by Pakistan due to leadership crisis:

    1. Poor relationship with the foreign countries.
    2. Poor foreign policy
    3. Poor infrastructure
    4. Weak judicial system due to political interference
    5. Energy crisis
    6. Economic crisis
    7. Water crisis
    8. Terrorism extremism and sectarianism
    9. Poor civil military relationships
    10. Protests and sit-ins are occurring frequently due to non-seriousness of the politicians.
  3. Causes of leadership crisis:

    1. Dynastic nature of political parties
    2. Non-functioning local government institutions.
    3. Lack of vision
    4. Preference of personal interest over national interest
    5. Lack of political will
    6. Corruption favouritism and nepotism
    7. Political instability
    8. Poor accountability
    9. Rigging in general elections
    10. Weak institutions have failed to produce good leaders
    11. Political victimizations
    12. Rapid military investment
    13. Uneducated electorate.
    14. Illiterate politicians
    15. Feudalism
    16. Caste system
    17. Paralyzed condition of the Election Commission
    18. Political parties reliant on individual
    19. Undue influence on the media
  4. Suggestion:

    1. Devolution of political power to local government as local government institutions acts as nursery of political training.
    2. Graduation must be declared compulsory for contesting elections.
    3. Election commission should be empowered and strengthened. Educated people should participate in politics
    4. All the educated electorates should cast their votes in the process of selecting national leader.
    5. Judicial system should be empowered and independent.
    6. Promotion of accountability and transparency.
    7. Politicians should give preference to national interest over personal interest.
    8. Political parties should have intra-party elections to promote democratic spirit.
    9. Feudalism should be eliminated by introducing land reforms
    10. Favouritism and nepotism should be eliminated.
    11. Political issues should be solved through dialogue instead of using power.
    12. Media should create awareness among the general masses to play their role in bringing honest and visionary people in politics.
  5.  Conclusion

leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way: John C Maxwell

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.  Alexander the Great

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