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Life is a Tragedy for those who Feel and Comedy for those who Think


Life is a Tragedy for those who Feel and Comedy for those who Think

Man is both rational and emotional being. Every person has a different approach towards life. Some view life rationally while others emotionally. Generally speaking, life becomes a tragedy for an emotional being, while a rational man is able to see the funny side of life.

Neither life is a bed of roses nor is it a smooth sailing. There are many ups and downs in life. A person who feels a lot is at a disadvantageous position to face challenges in life. He never understands the intention of others. He is blown away by the opposing winds and see the tragic side of life. For instance, Hamlet, the famous hero of Shakespeare suffered tragic end because of his emotional nature.

On the other hand, one who understands motives behind others’ actions live a peaceful and happy life. Life becomes a comedy for him. He evaluate actions of other on the touchstone of reason. He understands whether any person is appeasing him for any material gain or genuinely cares for him. Similarly, in trouble times, he unequivocally understands the reason of others deserting him in his crunch moments.

Nations also face several challenges and opportunities. Pakistani nation, as a whole, is emotional in nature. We get emotionally attached to personalities and issues. Instead of finding rational answers to our national problems, we follow the dictates of emotions. The thorny issues confronting us demand a rational approach. We hope for miracles and then quickly become disillusioned. Unless we apply reason and eschew emotion from our dealings, our national life will remain a tragedy.


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