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If Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade Short Essay


A lot of substance of life depends upon attitude of an individual. Life puts a person in a crisis, and the way that crisis is resolved, on the basis of one’s abilities and attitude, has a major bearing on a person’s behavior and lifestyle.

Life is neither a bed of roses nor a smooth sailing. There are many ups and downs in life and man has to face multiple challenges from infancy to death. The kind of challenges changes with time and age of an individual. In childhood, man is dependent on others to fulfill his needs. He must be protected and raised in the custody of his guardian and parents. As one becomes adult, needs and problems change as does the behavior. Similarly, when one gets old, needs and desires become less and emotions take their place. In whole lifespan, what matters the most is an individual’s positive attitude towards its problems. It is very rightly said that an optimistic or positive attitude might not solve the problem but it gives courage to bear that or even encourages to stand  tall against any mayhem.

A student has to face a lot of problems in his life. One might not be able to perform the way it is demanded or required from him. That could be because of several reasons like not giving enough attention to studies, unable to grasp concepts or any disturbance which makes him impotent to take decisive sleep. The best way would be to remain calm and optimistic and try to figure out what is wrong with him. Identification of the problem and then working to solve it would surely bear good results. Similarly, a businessman might lose profits or even the business itself but that must not pacify him or discourage his plans rather he should become more disciplined and determined in actions to achieve not only what he has lost but even further.

World is full of people who reached the skies because of their optimism and perseverance. Life knocked them down but they had courage to stand up again and moved on to become a success. Famous scientist Einstein’s teacher had said that he would never amount to much, but everyone knows his name now. Michel Jordan, one of the best basketball player game has ever produced was thrown out of his school team but later achieved which others can just imagine of. Steve jobs was thrown out of the very company he single handedly founded, Apple computers. Later on, after years of struggle and desperation, he rejoined company and made it a success in few years. Abraham Lincoln, the famous US president, had lost approximately every election he stood for before finally becoming the president of America. This was because of these people’s struggle, hard work and attitude that they achieved so much in their life.

The burden of the song is that one should never gives up no matter how hard it is to continue, as winners never quit and quitters never win. Positive attitude towards life makes a person believe in one’s own abilities and capacities which are necessary for success. It gives a person hope and confidence. So one should choose optimism, not pessimism; hope and not despair; opportunities and not problems.

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