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Moral Depravity Is A Root Cause Of Poverty Essay Outline


Moral Depravity Is A Root Cause Of Poverty


                Moral degeneration is a root cause of poverty. Since lethargic mood, narrow mindedness and weak character lead to incompetency and poverty.

How does moral depravity cause poverty?

  • Degeneration of self-respect
  • Irresponsible behavior
  • Social injustice
  • Corruption
  • Pessimistic mood
  • Smuggling
  • Ignorance of masses
    • Business ignorance
    • Social ignorance
    • Religious ignorance
    • Legal ignorance
  • Mismanagement
  • Religious immorality
  • Addiction
  • Discouragement of women

Deplorable consequences of growing poverty:

  • Dependency of state on foreign aid
  • Increasing frustration among people
  • National disintegration
  • Uncredibility prevails
  • Social and political stagnation
  • Narrow minded views
  • Viscous circle of poverty
  • Inflexibility to change the view “poverty is our fate”

Pragmatic solution to control deteriorating situation of poverty:

  • Role of media as “opinion maker”
  • Awareness of rights
  • Progressive education system
  • To weed out injustice
  • Diversion of attention from wars to social welfare
  • To incorporate a system of “check and balance” to control the corruption


We need to eliminate social injustice irresponsible behavior, ignorance, mismanagement which have haunted us for long. We have already suffered a lot. It is a time to think seriously over these problems lest we should be too late.

Democratic dispensation demands, inter alia, economic policies to favour equal opportunities for all and moreover safety nets for the poor and vulnerable. But the successive democratic regimes have maintained economic management to favour elitist interest.


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