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Moral Depravity is Root Cause of Poverty Short Essay


Moral Depravity is Root Cause Of Poverty Short Essay:

There is no cavil with the proposition that moral depravity is the root cause of poverty. Factors that cause poverty such as hypocrisy, injustice, dishonesty, greed, oppression, racism, discrimination mainly originate from moral depravity. Now let us discuss each of these factors mentioned above and see how they cause poverty.

Honesty is the best policy a very famous saying and a very important moral for an individual. But, in today society, there are hardly few who believe and practice basic moral tenet in their lives. Thus, evils of dishonesty are ump-teen and found in the every corner of the society. A shopkeeper in order to sell his cheap goods deceives public and lure them in purchasing it by highlighting qualities, which are absent in the product. At times he may sell them on a high price or the expired product. This, leads to severe frustration for the public as their money got wasted and they have been fooled. Now, what this circumstances leads to – an average man earning meager amount has wasted his money on something invaluable, unhealthy. When there is dishonestly prevailing in every sector from a salesman of a shop to the executive levels in every organization, the falsehood and deceiving element will bring the catastrophe in the society. Less money and high prices create a gap which makes richer rich and poor poorer. The right is not given to a common man and he is dumped with all the lies and falsehood which make him suffer poverty.

Hypocrisy is another moral depravity which is the leading cause of poverty. Politicians make fake promises and take the votes from public which they are not willing to fulfill. Now such corrupt hypocrites and dishonest politicians direct their energies for self aggrandizement and public remain totally ignored, which make socio-economic conditions worst. Rampant corruption depletes the funds and nothing is invested for the betterment of economy and infrastructure of the country contributing to poverty of masses. Thus, hypocrisy of the ruling class results in increase level of poverty of general public.

This does not end here, the moral disparagement of injustice by the leaders and judiciary wrecks havoc in the society. There can be no cavil with the fact that justice delayed is justice denied. This creates frustrations, agony and mistrust in the society. When a poor man is not given his right and the rich is provided with false judgment, it leads to social inequality and depression, which ultimately lead to taking up of arms by the oppressed. However, the immediate result of injustice would be poverty especially when a poor person is deprived of his valuable right in “due course of law”.

Then, followed by Hypocrisy, dishonesty and injustice comes greed of man. The greedy man is very dangerous for the society. The wish and love of money makes him do all the immoral activities to fulfill his selfish desires. Such types of person barely consider the sufferings of others. He would deceive, cheat, lie and do everything possible to gain the material objects. This factor eradicates generosity, humility and the concept of brotherhood from society, but breeds poverty. No charity or aid is given to the poor people. The poverty in the world can be eliminated from the just circulation of wealth among all populace, but due to moral depravity, all wealth is concentrated in few hands.

Now the worst moral depravity factor is of oppression and racism practice by man. For his greed, he oppresses poor and at times through racism and nepotism eradicates merit principle in the employments. The economy suffers a lot due to this. Especially this is a very common practice seen in Pakistan. Feudal lords or the ethnocentric officials recruit their caste fellows or the person they like for an employment. At times jobs are even sells, in the country through bribery. This creates more unemployment and poverty in the society.

All of these, above mentioned problems can be addressed through good governance, justice, unity, honesty, equality, educate, humility and patience. No one would come to save us. We have to fight the moral depravity in our societies ourselves. The society which is upholder of morality and ethics generally has high per capita income.

Hence, we should not forget the peaceful and egalitarian society is the only way to combat the evils of poverty.

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