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Nadva Tul Uloom


Need for Nadva/Historical Back ground:

The Aligarh and deoband movements stood apart and worked with glaring contrast in their objectives and strategy. Aligarh was not a religious movement and emphasized on the need of western education. Owing to its stress on western education it completely ignored religious aspect.

Tehrik-e-Deoband reduced educational services to the cause of the Muslims, but it was purely religious movement and laid great stress on religious education. The students of Deoband were completely oblivious of the Western and modern knowledge and were unable to guide the people in the modern education.

In these circumstances there was enough room for an institution which could combine the broad features of both Western and religious trends of education so that the extremist view of Deoband and Aligarh could be minimized.

Foundation of Nadva:

  • In 1892 it was decided in a meeting held at madrassah-i-Faiz-i-Aam Kanpur that a committee should be set up for the guidance of the Muslims.
  • It was established in 1894 and Molvi Abdul Ghafoor deputy collector is said to be its earlier founder. Other associated figures were Moulana Shibli Nomani and Molana Abdul Haq.
  • Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Molana Abdul Haq prepared rules and regulations of the Nadva and chalked out a liberal program in order to cater the needs of prevailing environment.

Aims and objectives of Nadva:

  • Introduction of fundamental and far reaching reforms in the syllabi of Islamic studies and preparation of a new syllabus.
  • Producing such scholars who, besides being well-versed in all the aspects of Quran and Sunnah, should also be fully acquainted with the contemporary problems challenges and requirements. They should be aware of modern thought.
  • Promoting the feelings of unity and brotherhood among the Muslims by removing sectarianism.
  • Propagation of Islamic teachings and making non-Muslims, especially the Hindus, aware of the merits of these teachings.
  • To address the social problems of Muslims.
  • Moral uplift of Muslims.

Achievements of Nadva:

  • Nadva taught some practical subjects as well so that after the completion of their education the students could be able to earn their living.
  • Struggle to unite the Muslims by mitigating the sectarian differences.
  • Production of finest Islamic literature.
  • Combining the features of Aligarh and Deoband.
  • Guiding the Muslims to the true Islam.
  • Synthesis of Modern and classical education Molana Shibli introduced English language as a compulsory subject.
  • Dar-ul-Aloom brought out its magazine entitled Al-Nadva in 1904 under the editorship of Molana Habeeb-ur-rehman Sheswani and Molana Shibli. Al Nadva was considered among the country’s best known magazine full of knowledge and research.
  • Nadvat-ul-Aloom popularize the taste for using Arabic as a living ad spoken language.
  • It took effective steps to check the menace of shuddhi. Shible recompiled and published the book Hifazat-e-Ishaat-e-Islam.
  • Nadva has been credited for producing a large number of scholars in which syed Suleman Nadvi stands prominent. Nadva tul Aloom proved a venue for providing enlightened religious scholars to Dar-ul-Musanefeen Azam-Garh an institution reputed for its intellectual attainments.


The Nadva earned for itself a name in the academic world through its sister institutions, the Dar-ul-Musanefeen Azamgarh which has many publication of merit to its credit. Indeed it was in the field of research that the institution really made its mark. Significant changes were brought about in the contents of instruction and new disciplines were introduced in spite of this Nadva did not succeeded in its primary object because it tended to grow more and more conservative and thus failed to assimilate as much of western knowledge as was necessary; in older disciplines it did not prove equal to deoband.

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