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Pakistan at Crossroads Essay Outline




  1. Introduction:

  2. Types of challenges that Pakistan is currently facing:

    1. Internal challenges:

      1. Energy crisis
      2. Poor Governance
      3. Weak democratic institutions
      4. Crippling economy
      5. Political challenges (rigging and sit-in issues)
      6. Institutional clash
      7. Terrorism
      8. Extremism
      9. Poor law and order situation
      10. Corruption
      11. Separatism
  1. External challenges:

    1. Strained relations with the U.S.
    2. Problems with neighbouring countries
    3. Indo-Afghan related challenges
    4. Global isolation
    5. Low level of Foreign Direct Investment
  1. Causes of these challenges:

    1. Poor management of resources
    2. Poor foreign policy
    3. Power politics
    4. Lack of accountability
    5. Weak Judicial System
    6. Inflation
    7. Poor education system
    8. Poor understanding of religion
    9. Lack of access to health
    10. Politicians give preference to personal interest over national interest
    11. Election Commission failed to hold free and fair previous General Elections.
    12. Inconsistent policy to contain terrorism by the successive governments
    13. Imbalance of trade and foreign debts.
    14. Involvement of foreign countries in the domestic affairs of Pakistan.
  1. Impacts of these challenges:

    1. Rising poverty
    2. Tarnish image of Pakistan world wide
    3. Increasing terrorism
    4. Shifting of Industry to other countries.
    5. Rising unemployment
    6. Economic growth is suffering due to political instability and weak governance
    7. Turmoil and chaos in the society. Rate of crime is increasing due to weak accountability and poor justice system
    8. Losing international respect.
    9. Increasing international pressure to eliminate terrorism and other issues.
    10. Losing voice at international forums.
  1. Steps taken by the Government to meet these challenges:

    1. Establishing friendly relationships with foreign countries
    2. Exploiting resources to meet energy crisis.
    3. Establishing anti-terrorism force
    4. Dialogue with the political parties in order to come out from serious political challenges.
    5. Efforts are being made for electoral reforms
    6. Establish good relationships with the institutions.
  1. Other efforts
    1. National Action Plan
    2. Judicial activism by Supreme Court
    3. Proactive approach by NAB
  1. Suggestions to meet Current Challenges

    1. Government should resolve all political differences through dialogue instead of using power
    2. Youth development program should be introduced
    3. Empower anticorruption agencies
    4. Effort should be made to improve literacy rate as well as quality of education
    5. Conducive business environment be provided to foreign companies.
    6. Government should established friendly relations with the institutions of the country
    7. Efforts should be made to address trade imbalance
    8. Progressive taxation be introduced in order to reduce dependency on foreign debts.
    9. Independent Election Commission should be established.
    10. Natural resources should be exploited efficiently
    11. Provinces should be given their due rights as stated in the 18th amendment.
  2. Conclusion:

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