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Protecting Freedom of Speech Not Lies Short Essay


Protecting freedom of speech not Lies:

Freedom of speech is recognized as a fundamental right in all civilized states. The national as well as international law ensures its recognition and protection. The reason is simple: without freedom of expression there cannot be an independent and vibrant civil society. Media is an effective check on the despotic ambitions of government. Similarly, active role of civil society is imperative for the organization of a just society. Thus, one cannot deny the importance of freedom of speech; however, unbridled free speech especially false scandalous speech may cause much harm.

Free speech may be true or may be false. We need to defend the right of freedom of speech only if it is true. Any speech made wrongly with knowledge of its being false or without making necessary probing into its veracity need not to be protected. Free speech can cause a lot of harm to others especially where it is of defamatory nature. The right of one man cannot be protected at the cost of other man’s right. Your right ends where my nose begins is old proverb. Electronic and print media must be regulated in such a way as to ensure that dissemination of correct statement only. It needs to be done at all levels i.e., societal, national and international. A consensus must be developed among the stakeholders for the protection of innocent people from the false vituperative onslaught unleashed under the garb of freedom of expression.

A free speech which hurts the rights of millions of people should not be allowed on the pretext of free speech. Thus, Europe has rightly outlawed Anti-Semitism. Similarly racial and ethnic allegations are also prohibited. However, the statements which hurt the religious feelings of people should also be banned by law. Making caricatures of Holy religious personalities cause much distress and pain to the follower of religion. We need not to protect the glaring lies, otherwise, there will be a moral, religious and political degradation of society.

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