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Role of Jinnah as Governor General



Some of the consolidation steps taken by Quaid-e-Aam M.A. Jinnah acting as the 1st Governor General of Pakistan are:-

  1. Establishment of the Government:-
  • Appointed Liaquat Ali Khan as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • Used his discretion in the selection of ministers.
  • Directed the government to run state affairs smoothly.
  • Enforced the government of India Act 1935’ as there was no other constitution. Urged the constitution Assembly of Pakistan to take up the task of constitution making at priority basis.
  • He set guiding principles for the future constitution of Pakistan. Peace, progress, equality, individual rights and a democratic system of government modeled upon the basic principles land down in the Holy Quran and Sunah.

Dismissal of Anti-Democratic Governements:

  • On 22th Aug, 1947 Quaid dismissed the congress ministry in N.W.F.P.
  • Dismissed Sindh government headed by Muhammad Ayub Khuro (a big landlord).

Action against landlords and Industrials:

  • Who were exploiting the poor labour class and peasantry.

Rehabilitation of refugees:

  • Pakistan received 6 million refugees which shattered the already feeble economy. Formed committee under the supervision of Liaqat Ali Khan for the rehabilitation of refugees.
  • Central refuge council to assist & coordinate with provincial gouts to rehabilitate refugees.
  • Quaid –e-Azam Relief fund. Rich people were asked to donate in the fund.
  • Quaid moved his headquarter to Lahore to deal with the problem effectively.
  1. Accommodation of refugees.
  2. Safe evacuation of population to India under the protection of army.
  3. Appointment of custodians of the private property.

Establishment of the State Bank of Pakistan “July 1, 1948.”

Quaid-e-Azam fully realized the financial problems and need for sound financial institutions. He therefore, took great interest in the economic activities and State Bank of Pakistan was established on July, 1st 1948.

Consolidation of Administrative Setup:

  • Karachi Capital
  • Immense administrative problems.
  • Delaying tactics of Indian government in transferring the government servants and official record to Pakistan.
  • Central secretariat at Karachi official record, furniture, stationary, and other equipment’s required. Quaid personally arranged those things.
  • Arranged on airlift for government servants who wanted to serve Pakistan but were stuck in India somewhere.

Foreign Policy:

  • Quaid wanted that Pakistan should emerge as an honourable and independent state in the world.
  • Stressed that foreign policy will be based on principles of mutual understanding and respect with all the countries of the world.
  • Negotiation and dialogue between the states.
  • Relations with Muslim states and commonwealth countries developed.
  • Negotiation with India to solve the issue of Kashmir and other issues.

Membership of UNO:

Jinnah was a firm believer of peaceful coexistence and fully realized the importance of UN membership for Pakistan. Soon after independence Quaid-e-Azam applied to UN for membership which was accepted and Pakistan became member of UN on 30th September 1947.

Issue of National Language:

The problem of national language was emerged. Both the halves i.e., East and West Pakistan spoke different languages. East Pakistan wanted national language status for Bengali and started demonstration. Quaid-e-Azam landed in Dhaka and made it clear that there shall be only one national language of Pakistan and that would be Urdu. The controversy did not erupt long after his death.

Infusing Nationalism in Nation:

Quaid-e-Azam was aware of the dangers of provincialism and parochialism that nascent country could face due to its peculiar geography. He strenuously stressed the nation to avoid provincialism and be a Pakistani”.

Consolidation of Education System:

Efforts for modern educational system of science and Technology were made. Transforming Pakistani society into real, fast and result oriented country

Nation’s confidence Building:

Nation was demotivated, afraid, uncertain, demoralized due to huge human loss during migration. He visited even the remotest areas with his ill health to rebuild confidence in people.


The foundations of your state have been laid and it is now for you to build and build as quickly as well as you can”.

“Gandhi died by the hands of an assassin; Jinnah died by his devotion to Pakistan”.

Lord Lawrence, the former SOS for India.

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