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Self done is well done


Self done is well done

The quotation explains that work done by oneself is of great worth. This practice bears many fruits. The practitioner gains experience, confidence and lessons of self reliance. Moreover, such habits show strong commitment and level of responsibility.

Generally the task assigned to oneself seems difficult at first instance. On trying, effort may or may not bears fruit. But it is to be noted that even if the performer has failed, still he has gained some very useful experience. On the other hand, if he succeeds there is two folds happiness. Firstly the success and secondly the confidence. That gives him trust in himself and awareness of his abilities. On the other hand, practice of putting responsibility upon others neither gives experience nor gain confidence, rather it brings idleness to man. The person remains unaware of his own talents. Also it shows his weak commitment and irresponsibility.

Same is the lesson for the dependent nations of the present era. It is important that they should realize their own strengths. Rather than seeking help and depending upon aid, they must develop their own means of productions. But the problem is, they are still ignorant of their own potential and suffer from lack of confidence. Hence, they prefer relying on aid instead of striving for themselves. The need of the hour is, these countries not only give up foreign dependence but also realize their own rich resources and resolve to explore and utilize them. It may seem difficult but it is the only way to attain prosperity and regain tarnished national image.

Hence, it can be summed up that self done leads toward experience, confidence, self-reliance, sense of responsibility and finally to success and prosperity.

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