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Social and Economic Securities for Woman in Islam Essay Outline


Social and Economic Securities for Women in Islam:

1. Thesis Statement:

Islam was first to recognize woman as equal being to man and had given unprecedented social and economic securities to her, which were hitherto unknown to womenfolk. However, West incorrectly and unjustly criticizes that Woman in Islam has an inferior status by putting on its prejudical and myopic lens. Our Social and cultural treatment of woman has contributed a lot in strengthening the propaganda of the West. It’s high time to address our treatment of woman and give her those social and economic securities which Islam has guaranteed her.

2. Position of women in Pre-Islamic times:

3. Status of women in Islam:

4. Social securities for women in Islam:

  1. Islam has bestowed an identity to women.

Social securities as daughter:

  1. Prohibition on female child infanticide
  2. Equal status to male child.
  3. Right to education.

Social securities as wife:

  1. Consent in Marriage
  2. Right to judicial separation.
  3. To be treated with love and dignity.
  4. Protection from zihar and ILa.
  5. Social securities as mother
  6. Exalted status of mother in Islam.

5. Economic securities of women in Islam:

  1. Right to ownership
  2. Right to Inheritance
  3. Right to Maintenance
  4. Right to dower
  5. No financial responsibility towards family.
  6. Right to do business and job.

6. Objection of West on rights of Muslim women:

  1. Polygamy
  2. Veil
  3. Lesser share in Inheritance.
  4. Little participation in politics
  5. Confinement within four walls
  6. Domestic violence.

7. Present scenario in our society:

  1. Honour killing
  2. Domestic violence
  3. Marriage with Quran.
  4. vani
  5. Acid throwing
  6. Amputation of organs
  7. Exclusion from inheritance
  8. Forced marriages.

8. Reasons for deviance:

  1. Cultural traditions
  2. Greedy nature
  3. Illiteracy
  4. Poverty
  5. Aloofness from religious teachings

9. Remedies:

  1. Awareness through media
  2. Strict implementation of Pro-women laws.
  3. Increasing participation of women to all fields of life role of civil society.
  4. Economic emancipation.
  5. Curb on social practices that deprive woman of her rights.

10. Conclusion:



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