Socialization and its agents

Socialization Defined:

According to Horton and Hunt “socialization is the process of learning the social behaviours”.


Socialization is the process of learning the social behaviours and adopting the personality according to learning. This process starts from the childhood and ends with the life of the man. Every person adopts the characters of his personality according to what he has learned from his surrounding and socialization depends on the learning, observations and self experiences of the life.

Advantages of Socialization:

In the life of any human being socialization is very much important. Only this is the factor that separates man from the animals.

It is the socialization that makes the personality of an individual. A positive upbringing produces a positive social being.

Secondly socialization is a tool by which the society conform the behaviour and attitude of the persons according to its own norms.

Thirdly it is only through the socialization that a social being understands different situations of his life and learn to react and tackle these situations.

In short all the personality traits of a person are shaped by socialization process. So it has great role in forming a decent person; a decent family; a decent community and finally a decent and peaceful society.

Agents of Socialization:

Socialization of a person starts from the time when he comes in this world and he learns recognizing his mother.

Following are the agents that play role in the socialization of social beings.

  1. Family:

It is the primary agent that defines the personality. The gender segregation and the child is made familiar with different relations in society/family.

  1. Pear group:

It is the second most important agent of socialization. It has role in persons character building, group work is learned here.

  1. School:

The school and education institution play a vital role in formulation of behaviour of a youngster. There he learns the realities of the world and formal discipline is taught here.

  1. Religion:

The religion rituals are primarily important in the character building of persons. Honesty, discipline and uprightness are some of the traits which to common to all major religions of the world. These traits are imbibed in personality by the teachings of religion.

Also the religious conformity and being answerable God and Judgment day directs our overall attitude.

  1. Work place:

In addition to agents discussed above, the work place is other factor that play role in socialization of man. Here man practically performs all those teachings of life span and he learns so many new things that add to his personality. New ethics of professional life, meeting with new and professional people is a new experience in man’s life.

  1. Ideals:

A man can also learn from certain ideals. He can set certain role models for his life; the persons from whom one is impressed. For instance, a lawyer can make Quaid-e-Azam his life and his legal practice as his role model.

  1. Media:

In this modern of world of connectivity, media has a great role in forming the personality. Through media it is now possible that a person globally interact with many people. and through T.V. drama’s movies people can watch global culture.

Socialization of adults:

Now the Question is: Whether the socialization of adults is possible or not? The answer is yes it is possible because socialization is a lifelong process. It is the learning and like all learnings it also continues from cradle to grave. Every new day; every new meeting with a person and with every new event man learns certain new things and he adopts many of them. The learning to cope with certain situations and learns to live in different circumstances. Thus every new dawn adds to the social experience and social learning of person.


Socialization is the process of learning the social behaviours; it occurs at all level of life. Man learns new facts, faces and realities of life and adopts new habits with every passing day. Socialization is very much important in person life for his becoming a healthy and handy member of society.

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